Teaching 5 Year Olds About All Sorts of Family’s In School Who Decides?

So here we are in 2019, society has supposed to have moved on we have become more tolerant and understanding as people, but have we really.

There is sadly still in 2019 a bigot narrow minded large percentage of people that try to dictate to us what is considered normal.

Normal now there is a word that nowadays is used so inappropriately especially when it comes to family, because people that have very narrow minds use it in such way that if a family doesn’t consist of mum, dad and children anything and everything beyond that is not “normal” this is sadly so wrong and surely is a poor misinterpretation of the world that we now live in. It is certainly not the world I live in or see on a daily basis.

Families today are diverse and the dynamics that make up families have changed and in all honesty in my opinion for the better. Families today can be two dads two mums any combination you can of and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in fact our young children need to understand that all of these combinations of family are completely normal so the next generation grows up to be a more tolerant and caring society.

This all leads to me to think at what age do we start teaching our children about the diversity of family, government has suggested that these lessons should start at age five, I will be very honest that initially I had and caring society.

This all leads to me to think at what age do we start teaching our children about the diversity of family, government has suggested that these lessons should start at age five, I will be very honest that initially I had my reservations about these types of lessons at such a young age, but I thought a lot about it and read quite a large amount about how it will taught and realised very quickly that it was going to be a lesson that was gently done and just explain that families come in all different ways and there is no set standard that is considered the norm.

In different parts of the country there has been a certain amount of protest from parents not wanting these lessons to take place I struggle to understand why and I can only put it down to the fact that many parents are scared of something that they either don’t understand or have been brainwashed by their parents into falsely believing that all families must consist of a mum and dad otherwise they are not a normal family, those people really need get themselves into 2019 and realise that we live in a very diverse society. I will just say that of course if a parent of child that attends a school that teaches these lessons and it’s not something that they want their five year old to be taught well that is there right and they should not in anyways made to feel bad about it, it is after all a two way street and everybody has a right to an opinion.

These sort of lessons will be widely taught throughout schools in the uk and I believe will be done with a very gentle approach, after all you are not going to be teaching five year olds what goes on in a bedroom of couples.

Sadly I really do think it is sad that religious base schools such as the catholic faith which I might add is stuck in the dark ages, they still don’t accept homosexuality which says how ridiculous the faith is and they are peddling this rubbish to their followers. Well they can opt out of these very important lessons on religious beliefs, in my humble opinion they need to be force by law to teach the children, and leave it to the parents to decide whether or not they want to remove them from such lessons as it is their right.

My final thoughts are we as a society need to realise the world is evolving family dynamics are changing. Do let’s embrace this new and exciting world two dads, two mums or a mum and dad who cares I don’t! As long as the children loved, protected, nurtured and all looked after it doesn’t matter love for a child should not be defined by the dynamics of a family. Because family is family and that’s all that matters.

I would love to know what you think in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Teaching 5 Year Olds About All Sorts of Family’s In School Who Decides?

  1. Like you say, Nige, as long as the children in a family are loved, protected, nurtured and looked after it doesn’t matter the dynamics of the family. Well said. #ThatFridayLinky

  2. I think it’s a great step forward and I think it’s good it’s being started so early. If it’s introduced too late, then children can already have a false conception of their family being the only “normal” family.
    I don’t think children should be allowed to skip these classes based on religious beliefs as the catholic view isn’t a true reflection of how the world actually works and it’s doing children a disservice to make them think everything is so black and white
    P.S. Thanks for hosting #thatfridaylinky

  3. Unfortunately there will be many families that don’t teach their children about the diversity of the family unit therefore, as a teacher, it should be taught in schools. I don’t think 5 is too young if it’s taught in a sensitive way. Thanks for a good read. #thatfridaylinky

  4. First of all, what a timely post! I agree that schools should teach children about how families are diverse and cannot be defined by traditional terms. I was educated in a liberal school in the Philippines and I even taught there for three years right after college. Anyway, at the University of the Philippines Integrated School, we were taught at a very young age about the family structure. That it can be nuclear or extensive. That primary caregivers can be your parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles or guardians. We learned about single parents. Overseas parenting. Parents from mixed cultures. Stuff like that. What matters is that the family agrees to stay together, live together, and support one another. Also, religion was not the basis of our education. I think I grew up with a very open mind because of my background and I really truly am grateful for that. I would like for my children to grow up with that kind of awareness and appreciation for diversity. #thatfridaylinky

  5. Well, families of all manner of dynamics have always existed. Admittedly, same sex couples that are out and proud and raising kids are a new-ish thing but step families, single parent families, gay parents etc have been around forever. I’m a strong believer that these lessons should start at home but school should simply fill in the gaps. The sad thing is many parents are too up tight to discuss sex with their kids, let alone diversity and same sex couples.

    One thing I will take issue with in your post. Faith schools get very unfairly tarnished in these discussions. Naturally, you get very bad faith schools, but most provide very good pastoral care and have no issue with such lessons. I appreciate that may not have always been the case and yo undoubtedly had some bad experiences yourself. That said, Parkfield School in Birmingham that has been the focus for much of this nonsense isn’t a faith school. It’s a secular accademy. Oh yeah, and academies don’t have to stick to the national curriculum so can drop these lessons if they wish. Messy, innit?

    As ever,. thanks for hosting #thatfridaylinky

  6. I’ve always believed that if a child knows the word Tyrannasaurus Rex at the age of 2, then there’s no limit to what language a child can learn from a young age. And so it is with this, if children grow up surrounded by TV programmes, books and of course real life with a variety of diverse families then they are going to think that is completely normal, which it absolutely is!

  7. I would like to say that not all Catholics are the same! We are Catholic & the oldest goes to a Catholic school where there are several same sex (Catholic) parents. It’s totally accepted both at school & church & not an issue – I wouldn’t say we’re in the dark ages at all! #ThatFridayLinky

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