What Did You Do In School Today?

How many of us have picked up our children from primary school and asked that all important question, What did you do in school today?

I know I have more times than I care to mention, and the response is always without hesitation a number of things which include “I can’t remember”, “nothing”, “not a lot” etc. I imagine you’re getting the idea. My twin girls, R and M go to school at 9am and they’re there until 3.30pm, and have done absolutely nothing, well according them that is. Surely that’s not possible haha! Of course, it’s not.

So on Monday just gone I had an idea. As a family we often sit down at the dining table to eat our tea together and chat which is something the girls love, and it’s a fantastic way to catch up on any news. I would like to point out we are not the perfect family that does this every night, but we endeavour to do it as often as possible.

It is so nice as a family to be sitting around a table eating our tea together rather than having everybody in different directions eating tea, or as can be the case with children glued to the television while eating tea. It is so easy in this technological world for families to get obsessed by their smart phone, laptop or games console and very quickly the art of conversation can be lost forever.

So while we were eating I had a piece of paper by the side of me with girls names on, and the question I asked our girls was to tell me six things they did in school that day.

I did actually start with 10 things they did in school, but changed it because it was probably a bit ambitious! So I asked the girls alternating to tell me one thing they did in school and I wrote it down.

Amazingly they told me six things they had done in school in double quick time. It actually got a little bit competitive between them. haha!

I learnt that they are not just sitting in school at their desks doing nothing. Incredibly they are learning and are very active and actually by the sounds of it enjoying school.

This is the girls third year in primary school and it has taken me that long to find out anything about their day in school. It was actually quite a revelation as you can see by my list below.

It is so easy in today’s world to come home, we as parents have been working, the kids have been in school, and we are all tired and we just move into auto pilot, have tea, watch tv or whatever until bedtime.

My little experiment with the girls proved to me that if we are not careful you can raise your children without having the ability to converse, and ultimately be anti-social. The art of conversation for me is a life lesson that all children should be taught. It is something that will always need as they grow up and become adults.

Although it is easy to just put technology in front of our children, and as a parent get peace and quiet, for me it is far more rewarding to have a conversation and connect with my children.

Do your children tell you what they have done in school or not. I would love to hear your thoughts

3 thoughts on “What Did You Do In School Today?

  1. I keep asking but I get the response “I don’t remember” mostly. Occasionally I get a story about a gold star or the silent chair – which I can categorically say that my kids deserve on occasions! I love your idea of making this a competition though. I will try it this evening.

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