Why Your Kids Play A Large Role in Your Next Family Car

Have you had a kid or two since the last time you bought a new car? Well, you probably already know that things are going to change this time around. You know because you feel the pain of cramming car seats into your sporty two-seater and having to curb your speed because there’s a baby on board. You’ve been dreading this moment, but you know a family car will make everyone more comfortable.

Here’s how your kids will play a large role in your next family car.

You’ll think about future kids

When you were younger, could you ever have imagined that a simple car purchase would prompt family planning conversations? When it’s time to buy a new car, you’ll need to know how many people you’ll be hauling – and whether that will include an infant car seat.

Safety becomes your top priority

Buying cars when you were younger was fun because you only had to worry about things like great handling and nimble acceleration. Those were non-negotiables. But then you became a parent, and they became “nice to haves.” In their place with the non-negotiables came safety features. Only the best for your crew. If you ever had an accident, you’d want to know everyone in the car has the best chance at walking (or crawling) away.

Kids impact your budget

If you already have kids, you already know. Kids not only impact your budget, it’s almost as if they become your budget. So, when you’re shopping for a new car, you may not have as much to spend as you’d like. At least, that seems to be the case with most parents.

We’d love to go for the car that has it all – luxury, room, safety features and sportiness. But our purse strings pull us back to something more practical. You’re sure little Johnny will need braces in a few years, and you can’t pull that off with a car payment. If this sounds like your life, maybe you can consider a lease instead of financing.

Of course, you’ll have to weigh things like mileage, but it may allow you to get a better car for your money. Shop around to find dealerships with manageable lease benefits before you make any decisions. It’s important to weigh all your options.

Kids may have an opinion

If you have older kids, they may want to weigh in on the style of car you choose. After all, you’ll be dropping them off in the carpool lane at school. And you naturally want to be the cool parent. Erm… you naturally are the cool parent. So, you’ll want to choose the cool car. Look for one of the sportier SUVs or crossovers to appease everyone.

Buying a car can be a difficult process with many things to consider, but there are even more things to consider when you have a family. Try to think about how you’ll use the car and how much space you’ll need before you even start car shopping.

One thought on “Why Your Kids Play A Large Role in Your Next Family Car

  1. Yes, definitely kids play a major role deciding the family car. But someones kid just come up with such options that are not reliable. I believe, it is more about you decide what will comfort your kid or which car would be safer for kid.

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