World Book Day In Wales #AD

World book day has come around very quickly, and this year on March 7th we will be celebrating world book day with a simple message #shareastory. It’s a simple message yet for me an important message in the fast paced technological world we live in where everything is condensed down to an Instagram page or some other form of social media. So showing our children that reading is a pleasure is really important.

Growing up I always had a book on the go and there is no doubt that books can inspire you to achieve anything in life. As a young teen I remember reading Papillon, the autobiography written by Henri Charrière. It’s an inspiring story of survival against all the odds, which proves anything is possible even in the face of adversity.

Being a dad of 7 year old twin girls I want them, when the time is right, to embrace the world we are living in, but I also want them at this moment to enjoy childhood and develop a love of books and reading. It’s important to me that they just enjoy sitting with mum or dad and enjoy reading a story and bringing a book to life. Some simple one to one time.

I live in Wales and I am collaborating with Reading Wales to share a story and celebrate World Book Day to encourage a love of books and reading. This is the 22nd year of world book day. The aim is to bring children of all ages together to encourage and help them to appreciate reading. It’s also aimed at helping children to explore the pleasures of books and actually how much fun reading a book can be.

Since my twin girls were born we have always read stories with them. One of the best times of day is still bedtime when we get to sit on the bed and they have a bedtime story, and because we have twins they always pick a book on alternating nights. It’s quite funny how different their tastes are when it comes to picking a story. One night it could easily be princesses, and then the next night we could be reading a Harry Potter story. For me that’s the joy of reading a book and it’s lovely how the girls always #shareastory of their sisters choice without moaning.

Bedtime stories are the chill-out part of what is usually a very busy day with small children. It has also led to the girls very often just quietly sitting on the sofa reading by themselves. This shows their of love of books is developing and growing daily. I’m hoping they will take this through their lives and always enjoy picking up a book to read.

This year, as I have said, World Book Day is all about sharing a story. This can be done either by sharing a story with your children, or just by sharing your own favourite book. So, don’t forget on March 7th to #shareastory and let’s encourage our children to read books and enjoy what is one of the best hobbies ever, reading a book and losing yourself in the written word.

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