11 ways to save money on your water bill

Strategies to manage water consumption, such as using Wilo pumps, are becoming increasingly popular. With the cost of energy bills soaring, it is no wonder that more of us are looking to slash our water bills.
We rely on water for many things, from washing to cooking, cleaning and drinking. Unlike other utility services, such as gas and electricity, you can’t change your water provider to secure a cheaper tariff; however, there are lots of ways in which you can reduce your consumption to save money. Here are 11 ideas.
Install a water meter
If you live in a small household, it can be more cost effective to have a water meter installed. Fitting is free; however, you need to ensure that this is the right for option you. A water meter works by charging you only for the water used.
Use a water usage calculator to assess whether a water meter would save you money; if so, speak to your water supplier about getting one installed. Research has shown that you could save around £200 per year.
Water-saving devices 
Installing water-saving devices can ensure you use water efficiently, which can have a positive impact on bills. Pump systems and associated devices, such as Wilo pumps and Wilo-Fluidcontrol, operate in various ways to boost water pressure and maximise the efficient use of water. They can also help to utilise rainwater, pump water from wells and heat hot water systems.
Pumps can also improve water circulation. This means the water is being pumped more effectively and that you get water as and when you need it, avoiding sluggish performance.

Avoid taking baths
Having a bath may seem like a relaxing way to wash, but it is not water efficient. If you are looking for ways in which to slash your water bills, take showers instead.
Try to limit your time in the shower to just a few minutes, and don’t waste water by turning the shower on before you are ready to jump in. Consider installing a new showerhead or circulation pump if yours is old and inefficient. A water-saving, low-flush showerhead can save you gallons of water per minute. 
Fix drips and leaks
If your tap is dripping or you have any small water leaks, you could end up wasting a lot of water over time. A dripping tap can waste around 15 litres of water per day, which is bad for the environment and could also hurt your wallet. It is easy to get drips and leaks fixed and this is often a job you can do yourself without calling out a plumber.
Fit a flushing device
Flushing a toilet gobbles up water consumption. About one-third of household water consumption is from the toilet, using around 13 litres of water per flush. You can save money by installing a low-flush toilet, which only uses around four litres for a reduced flush; alternatively, install a flush-saving device – often called a hippo or bog hog – to save water.
Fill up appliances
Using your washing machine or dishwasher when half full is not a water-friendly option. Wait until these appliances are full before using them.
If your appliance has an economy setting, use this if possible. This will reduce the amount of water used, helping to save you money. When buying a new washing machine or dishwasher, look for those with the highest energy star ratings.
Wash dishes in one go
If you don’t have a dishwasher, avoid washing pots and crockery up after each use. It is more economical to wash them up once, such as the end of the day, helping you to save precious time and water. Always use a bowl or plug, and don’t leave the tap running unnecessarily when washing up.
Limit how much you boil
75% of people boil more water than they need when making a cup of tea. Collectively, overfilling a kettle wastes £68m annually. To save money on your bills, only fill the kettle to the required amount; alternatively, why not consider getting a boiling water tap installed?
Watering the garden using a hosepipe can consume litres of water; instead, consider ways to harvest water naturally. Fix a water butt to a downpipe and you will soon be able to water plants using rainwater. You might also want to consider using a pump for outdoor applications to make efficient use of outside water.
Save water from inside, such as from cooking or using the washing up bowl, and use this water for the garden rather than wasting it.
Steam not boil
When cooking, steam vegetables rather than boiling them. In this way you use less water and it is also a healthier way to prepare food. Invest in a steamer if you want to steam cook a variety of food options.
Educate the family
Saving money on your water bills is about educating the whole family about how to use water efficiently. Emphasise that saving water is not only cost effective but is also helpful to the planet.
With so many ways to save water, whether installing a pump, switching to a low-flush toilet, fixing drips or using a water butt, there are multiple options for every household.

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  1. Always thinking about water saving and I am the person who applied few great things to avoid water wasting. Fortunately you mentioned most of the strategies here. I never thought to share my opinion about water saving. But you made it, congratulations for that. I am sharing your thoughts as well..

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