5 Simple DIY Ideas For Busy Dads

Aah, DIY. As a Dad, you just get used to your kids shouting you, pointing at something that is broken, and waiting for you to work your Dad magic to fix it. In fact, your kids think that you can do pretty much anything, and whilst this is obviously very sweet, it’s a lot of pressure (especially if you’re a Dad who isn’t too clued up on DIY). Luckily, DIY is one of those things that is based upon trial and error, and it’s something that you’ll just learn to do the more that you try your hand at it!

We’ve put together 5 simple DIY ideas, for those busy Dads.

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1. Use mirrors wisely

OK, putting up a mirror is one of the easiest things that you can do, but it will make your space look a whole lot bigger and more airy as a result. Position them cleverly to reflect the light, and don’t be afraid to put them in places like your halls, landings, and the walls above the stairs. They will really make a difference to your space!

2. Get that tin of paint out

This one is also easy enough for any level of DIY Dad, but it will make a real difference to the way that your rooms look. Cover up your furniture with dust sheets, and give your living room – or the bedrooms – a lick of paint. Even if you keep the colour the same, there’s something about that fresh paint look (and smell) when you walk into your home.

3. Elevate your furniture

Another great idea is to elevate your furniture (this is a DIY tip, not a Harry Potter spell), as this can create more floor space, and the illusion of a bigger home. If you’ve got some freestanding bookshelves, why not put up some actual shelves instead? Or attach lamps to the walls? Whatever it is that you do, it won’t be too hard, and it will look great.

4. Add some wooden shutters

If you’re looking at really making some DIY changes in your home, why not add some wooden shutters? There are a variety of ways to do this, from putting them inside so that they can act as blinds, to adding them to the outside of your home for decor. This vintage look is really taking off at the moment, and people can’t get enough of classy wooden shutters!

5. Read the instructions

OK, DIY snobs. We’ve seen you grab the instructions, shout ‘pah! What are these?’ and throw them into the nearest bin, but don’t make the mistake of doing this all of the time. Sometimes you need a bit of a helping hand, and it’s going to be a little bit embarrassing when you’re rummaging through the bin trying to find them again, so keep hold of them!

So, if you’re a busy Dad looking for some simple DIY ideas, why not try out these 5 things? They could help you to make a real difference to your home, and they may also get the ball rolling for your love of DIY! Enjoy!


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