Sri Lanka The Perfect Destination For A Family Holiday #AD

Over recent years families have started to look at holiday destinations that at one time seemed too far to travel too. However, the world has become a smaller place with airlines now flying all over the world on a regular basis.

Families are now looking at holidays a bit differently. Instead of two weeks in the sun and just lying on the beach, families want something a bit different so that they can create memories of a special holiday as a family. This could mean travelling to a more exotic place such as Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an island nation which is south of India in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka has many different landscapes such as rainforests, highlands and sandy beaches. It has famous Buddhist ruins which include the Sigiriya from the 5th century with its amazing palaces and frescos. Sri Lanka’s ancient capital Anuradhapura even has ruins dating back 2,000 years.

When deciding on a family holiday we have to take many things into account. For me personally, the biggest thing my wife and I have to take into consideration is our six year old twin girls. This means that when we’re deciding on our destination, flight time is important. It takes around 10 hours to fly to Sri Lanka which is more than ok, especially as most airlines now have plenty to occupy children whilst onboard. Family holidays are always a fun filled time, but we also like to think that our children will learn something about the world we live in. When travelling to somewhere like Sri Lanka which has rainforests, I like to teach my children the importance of the rainforests and what can be done to protect them. I would hope that our children would learn this on a holiday, in addition to having fun.

One particular part of Sri Lanka that is a must for anyone looking for some winter sun is Galle. Galle is located on the south western coast of Sri Lanka, and it’s famous for its fort, beautiful restaurants and boutique shops. Of course there’s also the sun drenched beaches where you can either just relax and soak up the sun, or do something more active such as surfing in the beautiful Indian Ocean. You could also do a spot of killer whale watching. There really is something for all the family.

After a busy day, there’s probably nothing more than you and your family want than to retreat back to somewhere welcoming. That’s why a villa holiday is perfect for families. Finding a villa in Galle couldn’t be easier. There really is plenty of choice, plus many villas have private swimming pools with well maintained gardens so if you fancied a relaxing day you don’t even need to go very far! Many villas also come with staff so there’s always someone on hand to help.

Sir Lanka is without doubt a wonderful family holiday destination. Its friendly people and environment will ensure that you have a great time and be able to enjoy your holiday to the max.

It’s very important that there are plenty of things to do while you’re on your family holiday. There are plenty of historical sites you can visit in Sri Lanka, plus of course the kids can build sandcastles or you could just laze around the pool at your villa and catch up on some chill-out time. Sri Lanka as a destination is the perfect environment to occupy the children, but also allow you to chill and take some well desired down time away from the rigours of our day to day life.

When choosing a family holiday, what do you look for?

Sri Lanka can offer everything a family needs on a family. Have you ever been to Sri Lanka? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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