Sri Lanka The Perfect Destination For A Family Holiday #AD

Over recent years families have started to look at holiday destinations that at one time seemed too far to travel too. However, the world has become a smaller place with airlines now flying all over the world on a regular basis. Families are now looking at holidays a bit differently. Instead of two weeks in the sun and just lying on the beach, families want something a bit different so that they can create memories of a special holiday as a family. This could mean travelling to a more exotic place such as Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island… [Read More]

Oh Yes! Back To School Today

Well the summer holidays just flew by in a flash. I cannot believe my six year old twin girls will be back in school in just a few days. It is actually scary how quickly the last six weeks have gone by and I have never known the summer holidays to go so quickly. This was a moment to cherish forever I could say I have survived the summer holidays, but the truth is I haven’t. I have found the summer holidays to be one of the most enjoyable six weeks of my life. I’m not entirely sure why it’s… [Read More]

Sunbed Stampede

We have just returned from a weeks holiday in Menorca, (full holiday post will be coming later this week), but I thought this deserved a separate post of its own. Mainly because I have never in my life experienced the stampede at a time when you should still be asleep on holiday. The time in question was 6am. Yes, you read right. OMG! 6am! On our first morning I thought nothing of sunbeds because we arrived at around 11am and we decided to stay by the pool. I casually mentioned to my wife as we were walking passed the sunbeds… [Read More]

Summer Holidays Lollypops And The Sunshine: Entertaining the Kids

Six long weeks of school holidays! How do we entertain the children? Yes, it’s that age old question. We have 42 days to fill and make sure our children don’t get bored. In today’s world there is a massive emphasis on constantly trying to find things for children to do, which amazes me if I’m honest. I remember when I was a child how very little was done to entertain me. Most of the time I was left to my own devices and it was up to me to entertain myself, which in all honesty was never very difficult. I… [Read More]

The Cost Of Summer Holidays With Post Office Money #Ad

The summer holidays are nearly upon us. This is a mind boggling six plus weeks of entertaining your children day after day for six weeks. It’s hard and it’s even harder when you are trying to not to spend too much money. Well, this summer I have been challenged by Post Office Money to share my budget boredom buster, which will hopefully reduce the cost of summer in our home. My six year old twin girls are big fans of Ninja Warrior UK, and ok yes, I love it too! When the show is on, we let the girls stay… [Read More]

Family Day At The Beach

Last Saturday we decided to go to a beach which is about a 30 minute drive from where we live. The beach is well known for its big waves so is very popular with surfers. It is also well known for its abundance of rock pools which was the main reason we went yesterday. It was a chance for the girls to try out their new fishing nets in the rock pools, and hopefully catch a few crabs, or fish. Well we did catch a few fish, but the crabs never appeared! We didn’t actually see one, let alone catch… [Read More]

I’m On The Chad Valley Play Panel #GoodToGo

The sun is shining which means it’s time to get out in the garden! I have teamed up with Chad Valley and Argos which means that I’m part of their #PlayPanel. As such my children get to try out some of the Chad Valley outdoor toy range, and as you will see they are having a fantastic time checking out all of the great toys. The campaign is all centred around getting outdoors in the garden with your children and enjoying the sunshine, or least trying to when we are dodging the raindrops! It is after all the UK, haha!… [Read More]

Must Visit Places on the French Riviera

The elegant and scenic strip of coastline called Cote d’Azur extended from Saint Tropez to Menton near the border with Italy. Cote d’Azur translates as Coast of Blue, known as the French Riviera, got its name from the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. This lovely tourist destination buzzes with energy during the vacation season and is popular as a playground for the famous and rich people who own extravagant vacation villas on the coast and stunning yachts docked in the harbours. World-class restaurants, private beaches, five-star hotels, and French Riviera home rentals make the place elegant and prestige. Laze under a… [Read More]