The Worry Of Going On Holiday In Our Very Troubled World

In about four weeks time we will be going to Disneyland Paris, and if I’m honest it’s a worry to me when you travel abroad on holidays. The world is such a troubled place nowadays with conflicts that seem to be happening in every corner of the globe. A few weeks ago when America decided to carry out bombing strikes on Syria and then basically tell France and the UK you are joining in with the strikes. You may consider this selfish but I don’t, my immediate thought was we are going on holidays to France and in particular Paris…. [Read More]

Looks Like Camping Is On The Agenda This Summer

Over the last 12 months, my six year old twin girls have mentioned on a regular basis that they would love to go camping during the summer months. The influence has definitely come from a few of their school friends who go camping on a regular basis. We only have one problem though. We don’t own a tent, or for that matter have any idea which tent to buy so it’s perfect for a week away in the wilds of the welsh countryside for a family of four. As a child I never went on a camping trip. I guess… [Read More]

How to Beat The Stress of Last Minute Travel Packing

Everyone has been there: waiting too long to pack for a trip or completely forgetting to pack all-together. No matter the travel circumstances, packing last-minute for a trip is a nightmare. Initially, it seems impossible to pack everything we need within a short amount of time. But despite the fact, last-minute packing is actually doable and can be done efficiently and quickly. You just need to follow the right tips. This is how to beat the stress of last-minute travel packing. Make a list for everything First, think about your basic needs: clothes, toiletries, travel documents, and itinerary – and… [Read More]

My Holiday Destinations Bucket List

Over the course of my lifetime, I have been very fortunate to visit on holidays many wonderful and exotic places. Which include destinations like Rome, Marrakesh and the Balearic Islands. That of course doesn’t mean that I have many more places, that I would love to visit and see the many fantastic places that the world has to offer. So I thought I would do a bucket list of five of the destinations that I would to see before I’m old to get out of my armchair. That’s a while before that happens I might add. So I was wondering… [Read More]

DisneyLand Paris, I’m Coming Back This Year!

Last year I wrote a post all about being grumpy about going to Disneyland Paris. The situation for me was that I was never a Disney fan. I never really liked Disney as a child, so understanding ” the magic of Disney” that everybody talked about, well quite honestly I never got it. Last June within about one hour of arriving at Disney, I was a convert! I had been sold the magic hook, line and sinker. There really is a magic in the air. It’s hard to fully explain, but the minute we arrived at the Disneyland Paris hotel… [Read More]

Three of the Best Family Activities in Sicily

The largest Mediterranean island, sitting at the base on mainland Italy’s boot, Sicily is a stunning destination is popular with families. A scenic island with so many beautiful natural areas to explore and exciting activities, Sicily offers families days filled with fun, a chance to unwind, and for those looking to soak up Italian culture, a rich and long history to explore. Sound perfect? The only problem is that with so many areas to discover, you may be struggling to narrow down your itinerary. To help you, here are three of the best Sicilian family activities. Adventure Parks Are you… [Read More]

Oh No! It’s One Of Those Texts Again

Last year in March 2017 I wrote a post called Oh No! A Text I Never Wanted To Read. The post was all about my eldest daughter texting me about possibly going to live in Australia. My heart sank instantly and I struggled to come to terms with the thought of one of my children living on the other side of the world. I have only gone and had another one of those texts. Since March of last year not a lot has been said about going to live in Australia until just a few days ago. Yes! The dread… [Read More]

My Favourite Holiday Moments 

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have many fantastic family holidays, but two particular holidays stand out as the best because they have created so many wonderful #holidaymoments. The first holiday I remember with such affection was four years ago. I went to Menorca and had my five children, wife and my mum with me. It was one of those rare moments in life where I had those that mean the most to me and love with all my heart around me on holiday. What made this holiday particularly special was watching my five children together in one… [Read More]