Places I Would Like To Visit In The USA

I have never been to the USA, but it’s definitely on my to do list or bucket list. It’s the kind of trip that I would love to do with my wife and our seven year old twin girls. It would be an experience that none of us will forget, and would create wonderful family memories that our children will remember all their lives. Growing up and seeing so many of the awesome places in the USA on television, means that I have always had a desire to make this trip of a lifetime. I have listed some of the… [Read More]

Sri Lanka The Perfect Destination For A Family Holiday #AD

Over recent years families have started to look at holiday destinations that at one time seemed too far to travel too. However, the world has become a smaller place with airlines now flying all over the world on a regular basis. Families are now looking at holidays a bit differently. Instead of two weeks in the sun and just lying on the beach, families want something a bit different so that they can create memories of a special holiday as a family. This could mean travelling to a more exotic place such as Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island… [Read More]

Making Sure You Have The Right Gear To Go Skiing #AD

Nowadays people don’t just limit their family holidays to the summer. In fact many families now have two holidays a year. A very popular choice is to have a winter holiday of which skiing is usually the number one choice. Of course with a skiing holiday you have to have the right equipment and clothing. It’s a bit different from a summer holiday when all you need is a selection of shorts and t-shirts. So here is my guide to some of the essentials you will need if you are planning a skiing holiday. There are many places to buy… [Read More]

My 23 Year Old Daughter is Going To New York Very Soon!

In a couple of weeks my eldest daughter will be jetting off to New York with her partner and two friends. Part of me is very jealous as I have never been to the USA, but part of me is also very nervous of her trip to a country that this year has had nearly one mass shooting per day for whole of 2018. I know it’s my mind working overtime and feeling anxious about such a trip is not going to go away until I know she is back home safe. As I said at the beginning, part of… [Read More]

Sunbed Stampede

We have just returned from a weeks holiday in Menorca, (full holiday post will be coming later this week), but I thought this deserved a separate post of its own. Mainly because I have never in my life experienced the stampede at a time when you should still be asleep on holiday. The time in question was 6am. Yes, you read right. OMG! 6am! On our first morning I thought nothing of sunbeds because we arrived at around 11am and we decided to stay by the pool. I casually mentioned to my wife as we were walking passed the sunbeds… [Read More]

How to Go Road Tripping Successfully With Your Partner

Hitting the road with your partner is one of the best activities you can do together. It gives you the freedom to explore a destination that might be tough to access through other means. Both of you will definitely enjoy this journey and have a great time. Apparently, navigating new roads with your significant other can be both challenging and frustrating. This is why you need to plan everything ahead of time and take into consideration some essential tips when going on a road trip as a couple. So, here are some smart ways to hit the road successfully with… [Read More]

Summer Holidays Lollypops And The Sunshine: Entertaining the Kids

Six long weeks of school holidays! How do we entertain the children? Yes, it’s that age old question. We have 42 days to fill and make sure our children don’t get bored. In today’s world there is a massive emphasis on constantly trying to find things for children to do, which amazes me if I’m honest. I remember when I was a child how very little was done to entertain me. Most of the time I was left to my own devices and it was up to me to entertain myself, which in all honesty was never very difficult. I… [Read More]

My Son Is On A Lads Holiday. Oh, The Worry And Fear!

Yesterday my 19 year old son went on his first lads holiday abroad with four of his friends, and the worry and fear that is consuming me is incredible! I’m not quite sure why, but the next 7 days can’t go quick enough for me and I can’t wait until he is back home. My two oldest daughters both went on holiday abroad with their friends, and yes I was worried, but it was not the same. Girls abroad can be just as wild I know that, but girls tend to look after each other, whereas lads just don’t. Well,… [Read More]