Brilliant dad feature week 65

This week our Brilliant Dad Feature is Kevin. He is a creative designer and family adventure blogger living in the Greater Toronto Area. His beautiful wife Christina impressed on him her love of travel and they have made exploring the world an integral part of their life. With the birth of their two boys, Kevin and Christina have made it their mission to show others that travelling with children isn’t as scary as it sounds. They believe that kids benefit from experiencing the world outside of their front door and beyond. Thank you to Kevin for taking part and he blogs at Wandering Wagars.
1. Have you always wanted to be dad?

After my wife and I got married, kids were definitely something we were thinking of, however, we opted for a few years of travel and adventure before starting our family.

2. How did you feel when your children were born ?

I can clearly remember when both my sons were born. I remember the  same flood of emotions rushing through me on both occasions: love, pride, fear and exhaustion. Not to mention concern for my wife who went through a difficult c-section with each birth. But mostly I remember pressing my
lips to each child and promising them that I would give them the best life that I could.

3. What have been your most rewarding experiences so far as a Dad ?

One of the most rewarding things for our family is our time spent travelling. From the time my eldest was 6 months old, we have made it a priority to show them as much of the world as possible and use our travels to help educate our kids on culture and people. Watching how they have grown through their interaction with others, and bringing up experiences from our travels long after we’ve returned is so amazing to experience and reinforces our belief that travel is one of our most important educational tools.

4. What are some of the funniest moments to have happened to you so far as a dad?

Wow! This is a tough one! Every day seems to offer the good, the bad and the ugly of raising kids and every day each of them make me laugh with something that they say or do.

5. Have there been any situations with your children that you have found difficult to cope with?
Every day seems to offer a new obstacle or emotional burst that stretches my abilities as a Dad. Probably the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with is learning how to trust my children and their abilities as they grow. Travel has really helped this as we’re constantly being put into situations that test the limits of our abilities, patience and tolerance not just for the things around us, but for each other as well.

6. What are your dreams and hopes for your children?

I want to be a good father, but more importantly, I want my children to grow up to be good fathers. I want them to grow up with tolerance and respect for the people and places that they encounter and not cave in to fear and intolerance as so many people seem prone to these days.

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