Cost Effective Gift Ideas for a Motor Fanatic

I’ve got one friend, as I think many of us do, who I know I can always call upon when I’m having a motor-related misadventure.  With his HID headlights searing through the urban smog, he’ll blister to my rescue like a fire-fighter racing to battle a blaze.

Before I know it there’s a countless array of tools littered across the driveway, my car is jacked up two feet off the ground, and a there’s a diagnostic kit hooked up to a crevice under my dashboard which I never even knew existed.  Thirty-or-so minutes later he finally rolls out from beneath the bonnet with ratchet in hand, wiping the sweat from, and simultaneously smudging a fresh streak of oil onto, his already blotted brow.

I’ve tightened up your cylinder head bolts, changed your rear differential fluid and replaced your oil sump gasket. Anything else I can help with?” He enquires as he dusts himself down.

Well,” I reply sheepishly, my brain now as muddied as his face, “to be honest, I only wanted to know how to connect my iPhone to the stereo system.”

For me, what makes a friend like this stand out from the rest is not merely his mechanical aptitude and willingness to help, but the passion he has for doing what he loves.  I’ve tried on multiple occasions to offer him some kind of financial remittance for keeping me out of the grasp of overpriced garages. He’ll have none of it, however.

Unique & Personalised

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a similar predicament?  If you’re stuck for gift ideas for a petrol head, don’t fret just yet. A personalised registration plate is one option that is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

“Every registration number tells its own story which generates interest in its history – and whoever is behind the wheel. You could put a short plate on a rubbish car and it makes it look so much better – it’s the cleanliness, the simplicity.”

– Afzal Khan. The Daily Express

True car lovers take great pleasure in preserving a pristine sheen on their motor, and spend countless hours ensuring its vital components are well-oiled and fully operational, so why not be the one to add the cherry on top and help them really individualise their pride and joy.  

Absolute Reg holds one of the largest collections (over 45 million) of DVLA approved registration plates, with search options that appear very user friendly.  Most of these sites make it easy to find your plate by using a “Super Search” or “Prefix Search” options, and you might well find that the custom plate you desire is far more affordable than you think.


There’s another less obvious benefit to owning a classy plate than simply making heads turn – it could be a very worthwhile investment!  Their ever-increasing popularity pretty much guarantees that these plates will hold their value, even if the car they’re attached to does not!

Next Generation Protection

In a world of rapidly evolving technology we have access to some handy new automotive features to make our life that little bit simpler.  One such feature is the keyless car entry system seen sported by many modern models.

It’s a nifty piece of kit, but unfortunately it can leave its owners vulnerable to tech savvy attackers who may be able to clone the signal emitted from the entry fob from afar, giving them easy access to the target vehicle.  Thankfully there is a low-cost option to block attempts to intercept this signal, and it comes in the form of a simple bag!

The Faraday Bag has a crook-proof metallic lining which effectively blocks cell, WiFi and Bluetooth signals.  Sleek, simple and inexpensive, this little pouch could prove invaluable to its owner. Some varieties can even fit a smartphone, although I wouldn’t be expecting to receive any calls!

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