Decorating A Child’s Bedroom With A Twist

Decorating a children’s bedroom can be very difficult, especially if you have twin girls as I do. Their characters, personalities and tastes are polar opposites. That means somehow we have to find a theme that both the girls are happy with, and believe me that is something that is incredibly difficult.

You would think with me being a painter and decorator that decorating the girls bedroom would be a walk in the park, well, the decorating will be easy enough, that’s what I do everyday, but it is the decisions of what is going onto the wall that will be the issue. Finding something both girls like isn’t going to be easy! It’s a task that will require diplomacy and compromise which is something that is lacking when you are seven years old, haha!

So here are my tips for finding something to decorate my girls bedroom that will keep them both happy. Wish me luck because my goodness I think I am going to need it!

1. Wallpaper

Nowadays there are many themed wallpapers available. You could paper every wall, although depending on the theme of the wallpaper that could be too much of the same design and be very overpowering. A simple answer to that is to have a feature wall with the design and plain painted wallpaper on the other walls.

2. Children’s Wall Stickers and Murals

There is no doubt when you are looking for inspiration, well quite honestly, I go straight to google and when I did exactly that I came across a perfect solution.

Icon wall stickers and murals came up and they are brilliant with numerous designs and themes. I knew the girls surely could not fail to agree on what they wanted in their bedroom. Some of the murals were of the solar system, football, fairy themed or nature. I know they’ll find something to suit them both.

If they failed on picking a mural that they both liked then there is also a fantastic selection of wall stickers available from icon. It’s a fantastic way to totally personalise your children’s bedroom. The themes and designs again are absolutely stunning.

3. Painting The Walls

Another option is to paint the walls in different colours and you can do this a number of ways. Either three walls in one neural colour and a feature wall that is maybe a more bolder colour, or you could paint two walls one colour and two walls another colour which would be sure to keep your children happy as they get to choose the colours. A word of warning though, make sure the colours they pick compliment each other.

These are my ideas for decorating a children’s bedroom and giving it a little twist so that it’s a bit different and your children are happy and involved with choosing how they want their bedroom to look.

Do you let your children get involved when it comes to decorating their bedroom? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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