Decorating A Child’s Bedroom With A Twist

Decorating a children’s bedroom can be very difficult, especially if you have twin girls as I do. Their characters, personalities and tastes are polar opposites. That means somehow we have to find a theme that both the girls are happy with, and believe me that is something that is incredibly difficult. You would think with me being a painter and decorator that decorating the girls bedroom would be a walk in the park, well, the decorating will be easy enough, that’s what I do everyday, but it is the decisions of what is going onto the wall that will be… [Read More]

Finding The Perfect Feature Wall For Your Lounge

I have been a painter and decorator for many years, and I’m pretty sure I have been asked to do all sorts of different decorating for lounges. Without a doubt the most popular request today is a feature wall in the lounge. Quite often a customer will ask me what I think of this design or idea, and I’ll be honest I’m usually not forthcoming in giving too much advice or trying to sway the client towards a certain style. The main reason being is my personal tastes and preferences could be completely different to the client and of course… [Read More]