Finding The Perfect Feature Wall For Your Lounge

I have been a painter and decorator for many years, and I’m pretty sure I have been asked to do all sorts of different decorating for lounges. Without a doubt the most popular request today is a feature wall in the lounge.

Quite often a customer will ask me what I think of this design or idea, and I’ll be honest I’m usually not forthcoming in giving too much advice or trying to sway the client towards a certain style. The main reason being is my personal tastes and preferences could be completely different to the client and of course once the job is done I’m gone, and they have to live with their new decoration which is why I think it’s important they pick exactly what they want.

One way to make your lounge unique to you and something that suits your personality, character and tastes is to have a feature wall. When you walk into a lounge you want to feel the ‘wow factor’, and a feature wall can certainly do that.

Here are a few selections of creating that amazing feature wall that all your friends and family will comment on.

1. Feature wall: Painted

When you have decided to paint all the walls in your lounge most of us usually pick neutral colours. After all, we spend a lot of time in our lounge so it’s important not to have too many bright colours in your face. By painting a feature wall in a bolder colour, this will break up the neutrality, which in turn adds character.

2. Feature Wall: Murals

My wife and I were after a red brick wall that looked worn and aged as our featured wall. The room in question was going to be our lounge. Of course this can be done by building it, but the mess that it creates and the upheaval is more than we wanted to deal with and the cost which was definitely out of budget, this was something that was holding us back.

So I did what we always do I went on google and I came across a fantastic website called Instantly I was hooked. I loved the idea behind the website. You simply pick your design, and then it is adjusted by their designers so that the design is a perfect match to the real thing. This is done simply by measuring the wall you want to hang your mural on and the designers do the rest and it’s all taylor-made for your home.

This was really the wow factor we were looking for. The catalogue and choice is vast so I would be shocked if you couldn’t find what you were looking for.

This is fantastic and very simple way to pick your next feature wall when re-decorating. Their designs range from New York to what we have been looking at, brick walls. There is no shortage of choice.

3. Feature wall: Wallpaper

My final suggestion for a feature wall in your lounge is wallpaper. This can be done one of two ways.

You can either paint all the walls in emulsion and then paper one wall in a bold wallpaper that has lots of design and pattern. The best wall to paper is usually the fireplace wall.

The other option is to paper the entire room. Nowadays many wallpapers are of the same design, but the one paper is a plain finish, and then on your feature wall you can have the matching paper, but with a design that compliments the whole room.

That’s my tips for creating a feature wall in your room to give it the ‘wow factor’ that will turn heads. I am about to re-decorate our lounge, and both my wife and I are loving the murals from, especially the red brick which will give our room that oldly worldly look, but also to achieve a fantastic stunning look, that will impress our families and friends.

Do you have any ideas for a feature wall? I would love to hear.

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