Do I Tell My Children I’m Very Proud Of Them Enough?

I have often wondered if I tell my children that I am so very proud of them individually. We, unfortunately, live in a very fast world and it’s difficult to remember the little things in life, but they can mean so much to us, especially to our children. They do often do something which they are rightly so very proud of, and when they tell you they are looking for a pat on the back from mum and dad, and that is the lovely thing to do.

When I was growing up I would have done anything for my mum or dad to say I’m proud of you son, well done! But alas it never happened.

My father, well nobody knew where he was half the time and I imagine he saw me as a hinderance rather than a blessing. My mother, bless her did her best as a single parent, but I guess she was too selfish a person to ever say you make me proud son.

I always remember sports day in primary and junior school. I would win the sprint every year, but sadly unlike I lot of of other children who’s parents made the effort to watch and cheer on their kids, my parents were never there, although at the time I didn’t know. This taught me a valuable lesson when I became a parent and that’s to tell my children how proud I am of them.

There never seems to be many days that don’t pass that my children do something that makes me very proud of them.

This week my eighteen year old son, A, who is currently completing his A’ Levels before he goes to university to study product and design, phoned me to tell that the product he has designed from scratch will be in the summer exhibited at our home town university.

His product has also been nominated for an innovation award with the WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Commitee), which is an incredible achievement for an 18 year old young adult, who I believe has a bright future.

It will also be shown to the year below him as an example of what can be achieved if you work hard. For his course work he has achieved 100% and an A grade. He phoned me to tell me all of this and I know I said well done, but I didn’t tell him how proud I was of his achievements. I know that I will put that right, but I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t say it then.

Being a parent has many responsibilities. Some are very big responsibilities, but also some are just telling your children the little things in life. Telling them that every day they make you very proud and very proud that they are your child.

I know I will be telling my children how proud I am of them for whatever they may do in the future.

Would love to know your thoughts. Do you tell your children how proud you are of them?

6 thoughts on “Do I Tell My Children I’m Very Proud Of Them Enough?

  1. I like to think I tell my kids how proud I am of them often enough. With our youngest, if she gets any praise, her little face just lights up. It’s a joy to watch. You clearly had a tough upbringing Nigel but I couldn’t imagine missing a school play or sports day, certainly not without exceptionally good reason. Telling your kids you love them is one thing, but how proud you are is another because it’s encouragement.

    1. I always try to remember to say I’m proud of their achievements unfortunately a remnant of my own childhood leaves me forgetting to say it. Although I have missed a play or sports day thanks for commenting John

  2. I have to agree with John. It’s so important. Like you, I didn’t receive any praise as a child even when I excelled at something. It felt like it was brushed aside.
    I go out of my way (for want of a better phrase) to tell the kids how proud of them I am, of their achievements no matter how small. They feed of this in a very positive way. Really nice post.

    1. It is so important to show praise I agree but a remnant of my own childhood has shaped how so often I am as an adult, and this was highlighted with my son yesterday hence the inspiration for the post thanks for commenting David

  3. I dont have a face to face relationship with my (adult) children as we live in different countries, but i tell them how proud i am that they do so well with us begin so far away, with their lives, jobs, etc.
    Well done to your son on his achievements and what a lovely looking family you have.

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