My Son Is Going To University: The End Of An Era 

My son is going to university in September and just the other day I had a bittersweet thought.

When my son was four years old his mother and I separated and divorced fairly soon after that. From that marriage I had three children and thankfully I had a pretty good arrangement with their mother over joint custody and access.

All three of them would stay with me every weekend and also every Monday after school they would come to mine for tea. Also if for some reason they didn’t stay at the weekend I would always see them on a Saturday.

As the years passed by and they started to grow up the older two changed a bit and would stay a lot less on the weekends because of parties or sleep overs at friends houses etc and I fully understood that it was more fun than being at dads.

My son though, being at the time, the youngest of the three of them tended not to do that and from the age of four onwards he has without fail come to tea on a Monday and come around on a Saturday every week. He stopped staying over when he was about 15/16 years old, but he still came to tea on a Monday and came around all day Saturday.

So come September it’s all change as he is off to university. It’s only about a half hour drive away. I was chatting to him the other night and jokingly said when you are in university what time do you think you will be home for your tea? We laughed, but in truth it was tinged with a little sadness because it’s the end of an era for me. Although he did say he might be half an hour or so later than normal!

It will definitely take me a little while to get used to him not being here for his tea and I will most likely expect to get a text to say what time he will be home. His 5 year old twin sisters will also miss seeing him because there is no doubt there is a strong bond between them and him, and they don’t know life without him being around. I’m sure it will be strange for them to only see him during the holidays.

It’s been a long time and although I know my son is growing up and is now an adult and is going out into the big wide world to hopefully conquer it.

It’s very possible that I will be waiting for that text to say what time he will be home for tea. I will probably be waiting for the door to open. It’s going take some getting used to. Thankfully he is coming on holidays with us this summer which I imagine will be the last time.

I will miss him so very much. Love you lots son x

2 thoughts on “My Son Is Going To University: The End Of An Era 

  1. Okay, so it’s not quite ’empty nest’ syndrome in your case, but wow. It must feel very strange for you. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when my kids move away for university or whatever. Although I moved out at a similar age, it just seems so young. Being so close, I’m sure he’ll be home to eat more often than not!

  2. This is such a bittersweet post. It must be hard contemplating him not being around as much and I know I’m dreading it myself (my eldsest is just about to do his GCSEs, so it’s not a million years off). Here’s hoping he still manages his tea on Monday from time to time – half an hour away isn’t much at all!

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