Pride In My Daughter E What Wonderful Text I Received

My 21 year old daughter is now carving out her life in another city to where I live, it’s not quite what I thought would happen when I remember her being a little girl and starting school, but you at some point start living your own life and making your own decisions about exactly how you want to live your life. I know did at around her age. Even though we live a two hour drive apart we are still as close as ever and the other day she texted me which had an image attached to it was this…. [Read More]

A Final Post About My Daughter E And University: She Is A Qualified Nurse

It’s been nearly three years since I took my daughter, E, to Southampton to start her university course to study nursing. It actually only seems like yesterday, and I clearly remember how emotional I was at leaving E at her university halls, and the drive back home was lonely. It gave me plenty of time to reflect on how much she had achieved in such a short time, and of course I knew I was going to miss her, and it was tough leaving her a two hour drive away from home, but that’s life and your children grow up… [Read More]

Does A University Education Prepare You For The Real World?

I will start this post by saying I never went to university or for that matter ever had the opportunity to do so. At age sixteen I finished my GCSE’s and was promptly told by my mother that I needed to find a job as she was not going to fund my life. So on a personal experience level I have no idea of how university does or doesn’t prepare you for the real world, but… Two of my children have attended university. One has completed her course and the other is moving into his second year in September, so… [Read More]

University: My 20 Year Old Daughter

Regular readers of my blog will know I have written on a number of occasions about my 20 year old daughter, E, and her adventure through university and studying for her degree in nursing. Well my daughter is now well and truly in her third and final year of university, the home run you might say. The culmination of three long years of training which involves placements to different hospitals in the area where she has been studying, and this is also coupled with university lectures, and this final few months involves doing her dissertation which will contribute to her… [Read More]

Is A University Degree Really Worth All that Debt

Two of my children are currently studying at university and I have often wondered if the final degree they receive is worth the debt that is going to hang around their necks for possibly years? This debt could easily amount to 40k-50k. That in anybody’s language is massive. Especially as when they enter the workforce, their earning capabilities are very low and in all honesty, paying back university debt will be the last thing on their mind. What they will earn initially will probably only just about cover their living expenses on a day to day to basis, because even… [Read More]

My Daughter E Made My Heart Burst With Pride

My 20 year old daughter, as regular readers may know, is in university studying to be a nurse, specialising in child nursing. She is currently in her third and final year. So all the hard work of A’ levels and then the first two years of university are culminating in this final six months or so. My pride for her was really brought home in the last few months. In the summer she went out to Uganda to help in a deprived poverty stricken area at the local hospital. Now this would probably shock most of us with the poor… [Read More]

My Son Has Been In University Just Three Week’s

This weekend my son, A, is coming home for the weekend from university after 3 weeks. What has surprised me is never for one minute, did I realise how much I would miss him. Of course it was always going to be strange with him not being around, but it has genuinely shocked me. In his first three weeks I haven’t heard from him that often which is something I expected with all the freshers events happening, but everyday I would think about him. Generally very silly things, but important things to me like is he eating properly, I hope… [Read More]

So The Adventure Begins (My Son And Uni)

Today I will be taking my son to start university. It’s a bittersweet moment, but I have nothing but excitement for him. This is the second time I have seen one of my children go off to university. The truth is I have decided it doesn’t get any easier. It also doesn’t matter if they are sons or daughters. They are simply your children, and the same worries, anxieties and nervousness are exactly the same. I worry that he will settle, he stays safe and most importantly enjoys this new chapter in his life. My son is 18 years old…. [Read More]