University: My 20 Year Old Daughter

Regular readers of my blog will know I have written on a number of occasions about my 20 year old daughter, E, and her adventure through university and studying for her degree in nursing.

Well my daughter is now well and truly in her third and final year of university, the home run you might say.

The culmination of three long years of training which involves placements to different hospitals in the area where she has been studying, and this is also coupled with university lectures, and this final few months involves doing her dissertation which will contribute to her final degree result.

On top of all this work she has in last few months of her university life, had the added stress of finding a job in an NHS hospital. This involves travelling for interviews which could be anywhere in the country.

One of the major reasons my daughter decided to study nursing at university, was when her twin sisters were born six years ago they spent a lengthy time on a neo-natal unit, and when she visited her sisters it was cemented in her mind that she wanted to become a nurse, and ultimately a neo-natal nurse. This was confirmed to her during a couple of placements on neo-natal wards. I actually think she may have found her calling in life.

After applying for many jobs, and securing interviews, she managed to secure an interview in her home town on their neo-natal unit. Although in her mind she was quite convinced she hadn’t done very well in her interview. I believe we all think like that when it comes to interviews. How many times after an interview do we say I wish I had said that or this.

Anyways a couple of weeks later she got a phone call to say she had the job upon her graduation from university. She phoned me and was on cloud nine! She deep down wanted to come home to live and this was going to give her that opportunity.

She of course will leave university with debt, but thankfully this won’t be as bad as people who are currently studying to be nurses. Luckily for her the NHS paid her tuition fees and she received a bursary. Sadly this has all now been removed and for the life me I can’t understand why when you consider that the NHS Is crying out for nurses. It can be solved so easily to help people financially train in medicine, and you have a never ending supply of high quality medical professionals.

So the last three years have not been short of a few dramas between us, but through it all I am so very proud of my 20 year old daughter, E, in what she has achieved in the last three years through dedication and hard work, and a will to succeed.

I love you very much, E, and good luck with your finals, not that you will need it because I’m sure you will pass with flying colours. Also well done on getting the job you really wanted.

21 thoughts on “University: My 20 Year Old Daughter

  1. Oh congratulations to E! How wonderful to not only find her calling so early in life but to get the job straight out of Uni! So happy & excited for her. #ThatFridayLinky

  2. congratulations to your daughter . how brilliant to know what you want, focus on it, work hard and then acheive your goal. No wonder you are proud. My son is also 20, at uni in cardiff studying mechanical engineering (2nd year), next year he has a year in industry and has secured a place with mercedes AMG – so exciting for him , proud parent moment for me and Hubby #thatfridaylinky

  3. Congratulations E! I’m sure she will succeed in everything she strives to do! I remember my uni days very well and loved the mixture of lectures, coursework and partying! A good way to learn responsibility which letting your hair down on the right day!! #thatfridaylinky

  4. Congrats to your daughter!

    I know all to well the struss kids face in university. It’s great she is finishing and already has a job.


  5. That’s is amazing! Well done to your daughter. I don’t know why this funding has been removed. I dread to think about the amount of debt my kids may have by the time they finish studying. For jobs like nursing and teaching there should be no fees in my opinion because they will really struggle in life having to pay these 30k fees back as well as get on the housing ladder….anyway…sorry! Your daughter must be so excited. Well done. #thatfridaylinky

  6. She’s in for a tough, albeit rewarding, career. My wife is a nurse, and she loves it now that she’s moved to A&E. I’m pretty sure your daughter could’ve walked into any job in the NHS she wanted with the current staff shortages though.

    And they probably want to scrap the bursary schemes as ultimately they want the NHS to eventually fail. They just have to take their time with it. #ThatFridayLinky

  7. What a great narrative she is leading, and the pride you must feel! I’m kvelling for her too! Do wish her many congrats and tell those twins, they are her muses. Lovely! #ThatFridayLinky xoxo

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