My Son Is Going To University: The End Of An Era 

My son is going to university in September and just the other day I had a bittersweet thought. When my son was four years old his mother and I separated and divorced fairly soon after that. From that marriage I had three children and thankfully I had a pretty good arrangement with their mother over joint custody and access. All three of them would stay with me every weekend and also every Monday after school they would come to mine for tea. Also if for some reason they didn’t stay at the weekend I would always see them on a Saturday. As… [Read More]

Childhood Bedrooms

Recently I have been employed to re-decorate two bedrooms in a semi-detached house in the suburbs of the city that I live in. The job itself is relatively straight forward, but it was the background story that got me thinking and interested me. I will explain why. Growing up I never had a bedroom long enough to call my own because we moved a lot. I’m sure that I’m not very typical because a lot of people live in the same family home throughout their childhood and their bedroom is of course their place of sanctuary. It also shows their… [Read More]