Family Values. Are They The Same Today?

Has the 21st century changed what we consider to be important when it comes to family values?

Is there a generation of young people who now consider their friends to be more important than family?

Are they missing the importance of family, in fact do they have any family values left or do they consider family only needed when the sh*t hits the fan and they call family to put the problem they have at that particular moment right?

I have in my own experience found that when something goes pear shaped in your life friends are generally a bit thin on the ground, yet no matter what your relationship with your family, they will invariably turn up to help you through a difficult time. After all that’s what family does. It helps because of the biological bond that exists between parent and child or a sibling bond. So why is it that some of the younger generation don’t value their relationships with their family and they are always looking to fall-out in the belief that it doesn’t matter because family always forgives bad attitudes and behaviour? For me this is a misconception.

Be very careful because family will like everybody else only take so much and eventually will decide enough is enough and simply not help. There is a limit, try not to over step it. You may regret it.

So what has changed over the last 20 years or so when it comes to family values? Well here is what I think. You may or may not agree with me, but it is simply just my opinion and experience of how family has changed.

Growing up my mother, which I have already written about, on many occasions really didn’t have any parental skills that I could have learnt from or taken from her into adulthood.

Thankfully for me I had a grandmother who actually looked after me for a large percentage of my childhood and I guess lot of my parenting skills came from her. The rest like most of us I made up along the way. The biggest influence I took from my grandmother was family values and the importance of family being there for each other.

For me sadly I feel the younger generations don’t consider family as very important and are unlikely to come to parents or grandparents for advice, yet amazingly to me if their friends advise them it’s exactly right and they follow that route, which if I’m honest will normally end in tears. I’m not naive to think that the younger generations should listen to more experienced heads when it comes to decisions about their lives and possibly their career moves, but what would be nice is they politely listened instead of dismissing you as talking rubbish and maybe just took some of it onboard and thought about it. You never know some of the advice may actually be useful. Nowadays as a parent or older person you are dismissed as talking rubbish and you have no idea what it’s like to live as a younger person in today’s world.

We live in a hugely influenced technological world that is dominated by social media and the internet, and I wonder if this has contributed to family values changing where people see this fake world on social media especially with celebrities and genuinely think that is the way the world is. They have been bombarded and brainwashed with totally unfeasible ways of life by mega rich idiots that care only about their bank balance.

Family values are in my opinion the platform that forms a strong community and we need to appreciate our families more, and just be there for each other if we can.

Do you think family values have changed? I would love to hear.

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