Seven DIY Party Hacks for Your Next Social Event

Whether it’s time for some outdoor fun in the summer or a quiet indoor gathering for autumn, party hacks can make any social event better. Throwing a party can be a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work. As the host, you want to impress your guests and make the social event a smashing success.


While it is almost impossible to throw a huge bash without anything going wrong, worry not. There are some tips to help you along the way.

DIY Burger Bar

Having a grilling party? Let your guests decide how they want their own burgers by creating a DIY burger bar station. You can put all the grilled burger patties and other pieces of meat there along with some condiments, lettuce, and tomatoes. You can have them toast their own burger bun as well by setting up an electric grill nearby.

A good tip when having a DIY burger bar is to set everything in the open so that guests won’t have a hard time finding anything they need. Put the condiments in a muffin tray with individual serving spoons so they can scoop their choices easily. To prevent lettuce and tomatoes from wilting too easily, especially if you’re having the party outdoors, put them on a table laden with some ice to keep them fresh for longer.

Ward Off Bugs Naturally

If you have an outdoor picnic or a gathering that requires being outside, then the best season to do that is during the summer. Warm nights can attract a lot of bugs like mosquitoes, and these fiendish creatures can dampen an otherwise lovely party. Ward them off by using natural essential oils and other organic ways.

You can use citronella and peppermint for mosquitoes, rosewood and oregano for ticks, and eucalyptus and tea tree for fleas. These oils are naturally aromatic, so you can make candles out of them or a DIY repellent lotion to share with everybody.

You can also provide sunscreens as well if the day is particularly sunny to help keep guests from developing sunburn especially if there are only limited canopies available.

Use Nature as Your Backdrop

If you live near some woods or if you have a particularly gorgeous backyard, use it to your advantage by making it as a photo booth backdrop instead of using a white tarpaulin. It lessens the need for setting it up, and you only need a giant picture frame to give your guests an idea of where to pose.

You can use other things in place of a picture frame, like natural hanging vines. If you’d like to keep in line with the theme of nature, you can use flowers too. If wilting is a concern, you can use good-quality silk flowers in place of real flowers because they’re much sturdier but they look just as awesome.

Classy Menu Cards

Throwing a classy dinner to impress some guests? While etiquette dictates that you should provide menu cards for formal dinners, you can never go wrong with providing them for less-formal affairs as well.

After all, the formality of the dinner highly depends on the table settings, and menu cards look great, plus they inform guests about what dishes to expect for the night. You can print templated ones of your own using sturdy, classy paper.

Additionally, menu cards can also be a keepsake for guests, so be sure to put their names on it. Be sure to also invite guests by using pocket invitation cards to make it more official. It’s also a good way to inform guests of the dress code as well as the time and the address of the dinner party.

Use Frozen Fruit to Chill Drinks

Ice is practically free, and it’s easy to make, but it can water down drinks, which can make them bland. Instead of using ice, freeze some fruit like strawberries or whatever is in season during that month and use them to chill your drinks. They don’t melt like ice does, and they’re healthier and they add more flavor to any drink.

Waste and Spill Management System

It is important to clean spills and messes as soon as they happen. A wet floor from drinks can invite disaster from eager dancers and food messes can turn off guests and make your home look dirty. It is a good idea to enact your own waste and spill management system to help guests clean up after themselves.

Let your guests know that you have designated cloth mats for cleaning accidents. Make them accessible or easily located in food counters, alongside liquid dispensers. The same should be done with dustbins. If you’re using ceramic dishes, perhaps put an aluminum bin propped up higher for the guests’ convenience.

Dessert Bar

Make your dessert just as fun as the meal and the games by including a dessert bar where guests can make anything they want. Feel free to add in ice cream, cookies, whipped cream, confectioneries, and even fruit. You can definitely do something like a s’mores bar as well, where they can toast their creations with some torch or on a bonfire if you have one at your party.


Party hacks are nice, convenient, and they can definitely help when you have an impromptu party with friends, but nothing beats planning. Make a checklist, enlist the help of friends, do anything to make the task of planning a little lighter.

When you are on a budget, visit the dollar store for supplies and maybe some party favors. They are a gold mine for cheap things that you can use.

Do you have DIY party hacks you want to share? Post them below.

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