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They say that one of most stressful times in life is either buying your first home or moving home, and they are not wrong. There are so many things you need to do and so many different people you have arrange appointments with.

Whether you’re buying your first home or moving from an existing home, the first place you need to go is to an estate agent to see what is available in the area you want to live in, and more importantly at cost that you can afford. This means you need to contact your mortgage supplier to see how much you can borrow, which in turn will dictate the properties that you can view. So, before you have even started to find your dream home, if you’re anything like me starting to see your stress levels rise..

Here are my top tips for finding your dream home.

1. It’s vital that you find out exactly what size mortgage you are able to get because this will dictate what area you move too and if you can actually move to your preferred area.

2. Now you know how much you can borrow, you need to visit the estate agents and find out what is for sale in the area you want to live. Don’t limit yourself to just a few properties. Look at many properties and compare the good and bad in each one. You might get lucky and walk into a house and instantly feel at home and well just everything fits into place, but that’s rare.

3. After weeks of looking you may have now found your perfect home that meets all the needs of your family as far as area and schools are concerned, because it’s important you get the right school for your children. Hopefully it will be their existing school which is ideal because the move to a new home won’t unsettle them too much.

4. Once you’ve found your new home you make an offer and it’s once accepted, that’s the time to start the long process of buying a home. It can be very complicated, especially if you are selling a property, somehow everything has to to fall into place at the same time

5. With the home that you are buying you need to make sure it is safe and doesn’t require a lot of work when you move in. This is where you need to employ a surveyor. The mortgage company will also require this before releasing any money. When getting a survey of your potential new home, pay the extra money and get a fully comprehensive survey. It’s not worth trying to save money on a survey.

There are so many hidden problems that only a surveyor will find. It could be dodgy electrics or a boiler that’s on its last legs. Also houses that were built before the year 2000 can contain asbestos which we all know can be very harmful to health so the last thing you want to do is move into your dream home and then become ill and have to call Your Legal Friend asbestos solicitors . It’s important that a surveyor is employed because they will know exactly where to look for asbestos. The last thing you want is asbestos found after you have bought your new home, because you didn’t have the property surveyed properly.

6. Now everything is in place for buying your new home, you will need to employ a solicitor to do all the legal requirements to move home. This is something in my opinion you cannot do yourself, but have a look around as prices vary greatly and in fact if you can get family or friend to recommend a solicitor that would be better still.

7. At this point as long as everybody has done what you have done, your house sale should go through smoothly. Unfortunately that is not always the case, so the chances are, you’re in for a lot of stress. Prepare yourself for hiccups along the way.

8. My final tip is simple. Read and re-read every document throughly and if you don’t understand something ask for it to be explained. You really can’t ask enough questions. After this could be the move to a home where you will bring your family up, and you want it just right.

So there are my tips to either buying your first home or moving home. If all goes to plan you will hopefully move into your new home and live happily forever.

I would love to hear thoughts and any tips you may have.

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  1. Very true, we moved 5 years ago into a house primarily based on schools in the area, we didn’t even have kids at the time! Now with number 3 on the way we’ve just extended rather than move..

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