Saving Money Doesn’t Mean Skipping Quality

Money makes the world go around, but it also makes parents everywhere rip their hair out! When you have a family, costs of everything go up. The weekly food shopping, the home insurance and even the life insurance policy that you have goes through the roof as you add more children to your growing brood. Due to the fact we live in a world with rising costs but stagnant wages, it’s not unusual to see your shopping get more expensive despite getting less for it. The key to that is to shop around to get the same or better quality than you have been, without spending more than necessary.

There are those out there that hear the words ‘budgeting’, ‘cheap’ and ‘reduced’ and believe that those words mean the quality of the things you buy is different. Well, you wouldn’t buy cheap car insurance and expect to have less of a chance of rescue from breakdown, would you? That’s because it doesn’t happen. When you buy a new car – well, used, but new to you – you would spend money on something that is the best quality for the cash you have. It’s the same with car insurance and repairs. Shopping around doesn’t mean you’re going to compromise on the quality of the work done, just that you won’t be paying through the nose for the same thing.

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Raising a family is hard work. The threats of economic crash and redundancy are far scarier than they used to be, because there’s more than just you to think about now. You have to worry about the children and your partner and how you will all manage if you lost your job. It’s for this reason that savings have to be a feature. You should have enough savings for six months of your expenses, just in case something goes wrong. It sounds like a lot of money, but with prices everywhere rising, you can cover yourself in the event of an emergency or job loss, but without having to change the way you live too much.

The best thing about learning to budget and shop around is the lesson you can teach the kids. If you give out pocket money, you can give some very good lessons in money management simply by allowing the kids to look at more than one type of toy or brand of sweets. Taking your weekly food shopping into comparison sites like this one, or your monthly energy bills onto these websites can drastically change the way you look at things. If you don’t have to spend hundreds a year on heating the house, then, why would you? Once you understand how quality and cost can vary, you’re going to save so much money on your outgoings. There’s no reason to continue to spend more if you aren’t going to be compromising the service and quality that you have!

Take note, parents; that family car you want so much? You can probably get the same thing from a different seller. Shop around!

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