My Twins Have Started In Year 1 Scary!

My five year old twins have started back at school after the summer holidays. They are now in year 1, OMG! Very scary. Is it really two years ago they started nursery at the school going for two hours five times a week? The tears and I don’t want to go to nursery, were fairly common at the beginning, very stressful and upsetting times.Reception last year was a little bit tough when they started and we definitely had a few tears especially when the reality hit home that they had to stay there all day, but they settled and school has become a very enjoyable part of their lives.

I remember last years summer holidays when my wife and I spent six weeks preparing them for full-time school.

This year has been so different the summer holidays have flown by and we have had many day trips and some wonderful memories have been made.

The twins were actually looking forward to going back to school, they say they have missed their friends and they were looking forward to meeting their new teachers.

During the summer both R and M have in my mind changed dramatically, they are more confident and self assured. A sign that they are growing up. They have through the summer started to do so much more for themselves and have started to want to help around the home.

This summer holiday has definitely been the best so far with girls and at times I have felt that I have been talking to mini adults, it’s actually quite funny listening to them because they think they really understand but you know they haven’t got a clue. Bless them!

School is now a very important part of their lives and I believe offers children routine and social skills that can’t always be gained at home.

This year is definitely going to be tear free, because our little girls ran into class with smiles on their faces, we couldn’t ask for anything else if I’m honest.

Are your little ones looking forward to returning to school?

Have they already started back to school, have they settled ok, or is it a stressful time for all concerned? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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