Nursery is over Lets have another Baby!

R and M finished nursery in the last few days. The year has really gone quickly and it’s now time to enjoy summer and prepare them for their first year of full time school.

Now that the twins are soon going to be going to school full-time I think it’s time we had another baby! 

After all what are we going to do with all this spare time? It’s a strange feeling knowing that you are only going to see the girls for a few hours in the weekdays. That’s going to be very difficult to get used to. I think I may be getting broody, can men get broody? (need to google that one!) 
I have often wondered why it seems that the average age gap between siblings is usually three or fours years and it’s often because the other children are in school.

The last three days of nursery were quite eventful as both the girls picked up a stomach bug and unfortunately sports day, which had already been cancelled twice, as it happens was when we were on holidays, so it had been arranged for the last, but one. The day before term ended so we were excited that they were going to be able to take part, but I think we were cursed because the twins missed it as they were both sick. Never mind always next year. 
Their final day of nursery was going to be a party and loads of fun for the girls, but both of them had been vomitting on a fairly regular basis. So it was looking doubtful they would attend which would have been a great shame. 
They woke early on the last day of school and it had been a sickness free night, so we asked them if they wanted to go and both the girls were adamant they wanted to, to enjoy the party and say goodbye to their nursery teachers and collect their learning journals and reports. I might add their reports were lovely and very pleasing to read. 
Their mummy dropped them off expecting to recieve a phone call in 30 minutes to pick them up because they were under the weather, but it never happened! The girls stayed the whole session and had a fantastic time. 
The girls came out looking very tired and a bit washed out, but happy they had the opportunity to say goodbye to their teachers. 
R was pretty pleased with herself too as she won a party game! She told me she choose the snap cards as her prize because she thought we could share them and play together. She’s very thoughtful like that! 
M also won a sticker for being the best dancer!
So the summer holidays have started and I intend to make the most of the two days I have with them every week. I already have plans to visit places and get out and about. It would be great to go to town shopping and meet their mummy on her lunchtime from work. 
We have to now start preparing them for full-time school and one issue which is going to be interesting is when one of them was ill the other wouldn’t go to nursery as they would say not without my sister which of course is something we will not be able do once they are in school. 
I’m looking forward to the holidays, but not the first day of school. 
It’s time to have another Baby! 

11 thoughts on “Nursery is over Lets have another Baby!

  1. Exciting times. I'm not sure I'm the broody sort of dad – i'm more than happy to stop at two haha – but I definitely think men can be broody too. The big question is: does the Mrs know your plans?
    Potty Adventures

  2. Haha great logic! Its the only sensible way to fill all that spare time. Sounds like the girls still managed to enjoy their last day #BinkyLinky

  3. I can definitely see why people do have other kids once their current ones start school. For me though I just couldn't have another, I'm too scared that having more will eat into the times I get with our 3 now. #BinkyLinky

  4. Def get broody. A couple of bloggers recently had babies and my IG feed is full of baby pics.

    They are so small and cute.

    I even said to Mrs OMG the other day. Little Miss OMG is so independent and growing so fast shall we have another.

    I can't print her response on a family blog!!

  5. Oh bless them! It's rubbish they were poorly and missed the sports day but lucky they made it to their leaving party. I think men definitely can get broody, my husband was well before me! Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink

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