Mobile Phones Tablets Laptops And Our Children

I was recently away on a short break in West Wales with my family and what with it being summer there were many families there on their summer holiday.

What I noticed was I think quite alarming for our children. This of course may not be a problem for a lot of parents, but I was genuinely shocked at the age of children that were on mobile phones. Some children seemed to be as young as seven or eight years old. There they were tapping away on goodness knows what. I actually caught sight of what I think was a nine year old on snapchat. Surely they are far too young for such an app or is this the world we live in now? Of course for the parents a mobile phone, tablet or laptop is the equivalent of what a television was to me when I was young. The perfect babysitter for parents. Kids today simply get obsessed by the technology of today and parents use this to their advantage for a peaceful life. To me just seems wrong.

This all got me thinking about when my five year old twin girls will be asking for mobile phones. The chances are I think they will be asking in the next couple of years which will be influenced by friends in school. The pressure to keep up with their peers will be enormous, which will also put pressure on the parents to buy phones for them. Well I’m one that won’t be doing that any time soon.

I cannot see any reason why our children would need a mobile phone before they go to high school. The reason is simple. They’re chauffeur driven everywhere and even when they first go to high school we would want to know where they are and what time they would be home. In fact my wife or I will be to there to pick them up, which will happen until we can consider them to be mature enough to find their own way home. At this point obviously a mobile phone in today’s world I think becomes a necessity. It not only gives a feeling of security for your child, but also for us so we can check in with them to make sure they are ok.

A little while back I got a bit lazy with the twins and gave them iPads to play on before school and also after school. Although I was supervising what they were doing I found that they got frustrated with whatever they were doing and their behaviour in general was not very good. Nowadays they go on the laptop occasionally, but it’s only on learning programs with one of us sitting next to them.

I’m more than aware that they are using computers in school, but that is under strict controls with teachers and that’s fine. After all this is 21st century and the technology of today is the technology of tomorrow for our young children. Sadly I believe that they won’t be able to live life without mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

I would love to know what you think.

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