Converting Our Attic Space Into Bedrooms

My home is a two bedroom bungalow and I live there with my wife and five year old twin girls.

As the girls are growing up and needing more space for all the toys and numerous things children collect, we have decided that instead of moving we’ll look at expanding our existing home. Our current home is perfectly suited for this kind of expansion. It’s a detached bungalow and has massive attic space. If I’m honest it’s just waiting to be converted into two bedrooms with en-suites in both bedrooms.

One thing I didn’t want to do was alter the roofline of our property and thankfully there is a solution to that which is to have sloping windows which are fitted level with the roof.

We’ve had all the design and planning completed so it’s just time to wait for work to commence. Once all the work has been done, which is going to take a while, I’ve decided for the obvious reason because I am a painter and decorator to do all the decorating myself.

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to decorating and in particular with colour schemes. Over the years I have seen some nightmare decisions on colour when I have been commissioned to do work, but I have always taken the opinion that once I have painted it I don’t have to live there.

So colour scheme is very important to, but not only on the walls. I want the blinds on the window to compliment all the other colours in the room. Thankfully I came across these stylish blinds from Velux and in particular a range designed by Scholten & Baijings. The selection is fantastic and the colours are inspirational.

So once all the work is completed it will just be down to me to create awesome bedrooms for my five year old twin girls. They’re pretty excited about that idea!

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