Motorcycling and Retirement 

People are retiring much younger nowadays and of course it leaves you with a decision of what to do with all this free time, because after all when you were working this would dominate your time. Enjoying hobbies was always difficult to find the time.

They say that 60 years old is now the new 50 years old and even though you might be 60 years old you still want a thrill and an adrenaline rush that life has to offer

There is no doubt that you have also reached an age when your house is paid off and your children have left home. Combine this with the free time that has all of a sudden developed for you and of course lots of people find they have a disposal amount money.

More and more people are returning to their younger years of freedom and no restrictions before having and raising a family and decide what could be more thrilling than becoming a bike bandit!

A lot of people of a certain grew up in the motorbike era mainly because the cost of cars made them unaffordable for most people so they would purchase a bike to get around and use it for going back and forth to work. It’s cheap transport, but of course getting married and raising a family stops all that. As you settle down and let’s be fair it would be a bit difficult to all ride on a motorcycle. You, the wife and two children for a day out at the beach! So consequently the motorbike goes and you buy yourself a family car.

You are never too old to be thrill seekers and the retirement crew are definitely searching for thrills.

This new found freedom allows them to go out and get themselves a state of the art motorbike. To get themselves an alpine motorcycle jacket and motorcycle gloves for those bike rides that take you up through the mountains on a cold winters day. With the wind blowing all around you and mountains giving a fantastic scenery, it’s just you and your bike as one.

The freedom of motorcycle riding is something you have to experience to fully appreciate. The adrenaline rush it can give and even though you have retired it doesn’t mean you can’t have the thrills of life.

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