My 23 Year Old Daughter is Going To New York Very Soon!

In a couple of weeks my eldest daughter will be jetting off to New York with her partner and two friends. Part of me is very jealous as I have never been to the USA, but part of me is also very nervous of her trip to a country that this year has had nearly one mass shooting per day for whole of 2018. I know it’s my mind working overtime and feeling anxious about such a trip is not going to go away until I know she is back home safe.

As I said at the beginning, part of me is very jealous of her going on a trip to New York. It is somewhere I have always wanted to visit as well other places in America such as Gracelands, the home of Elvis Presley, who I have been a life long fan of. I would also love one day to visit Mount Rushmore.

My eldest daughter J left school at 18 years old after achieving excellent A’ level results and actually securing a place at university. However she decided after giving it some thought that university wasn’t for her, and she wanted to get a job and join the workforce. At this time my wife worked for a large insurance company and she managed to get my daughter an interview. She got the job and never looked back.

My eldest daughter earns very good money now as it’s been five years since she started her job, and this has enabled her to go on a five day trip to New York. This for me is a fantastic example of our youth, that if you work hard and look after your money you will then be able to fulfil and live out your dreams, and she is certainly doing that. For that reason I could not be a prouder dad.

On the other side of the coin is how anxious and nervous I will be that she will be many thousands of miles away in a country that if I’m honest I don’t trust. It’s unpredictable nature frightens the crap out of me, and the fact that my daughter will be there for five days means I will worry beyond belief. This is the biggest single factor of your children growing up that I one for don’t like, and have struggled to come to terms with. You no longer have any input to the decisions they make with their lives. If I did I would forbid her from going, he says jokingly, but with a hint of seriousness!

Coming to terms with my daughter being an adult I have accepted a long time ago, but the worry of children never goes away no matter how old they are.

My eldest daughter, J, and her partner will be going to New York as I said earlier. I’m sure they will have an awesome time and it will be the experience of a lifetime.

All I can say is have a fantastic time, enjoy every second, stay safe and get home safe. It may only be five days, but I will be anxious, worried and on edge until you get home.

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  1. Our children grow up so fast, but it is us parents who often don’t want to admit it. For us, they will ALWAYS be our babies. I remember being more stressed than my son when he started reception – I kept worrying if he will be ok. So I understand your fears and concerns, but I guess at some point we’ve got to let go and let them make their own decisions. Hope she has a safe and lovely trip. Thanks for joining us on #itsok

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