Daddy-Daughter Dates, That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Dads need to spend quality time with their daughters. I’m not just talking about being around while they are watching TV or doing their homework, but actually doing activities and visiting places together, and giving them your undivided attention so they feel special, valued, and loved. Happily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this. A topic that my post goes into more detail on below. Afternoon tea Afternoon tea is such a big thing in the UK right now. In fact, you can hardly turn around for places that serve this meal that contains scones, sandwiches, and… [Read More]

Nativity Play And Graduation Day! What A Busy Day!

Last Wednesday was a very busy, hectic and quite honestly exhausting day for me, and that’s because I was in two different places in the UK. This made me realise that being a dad is the best job in the world, and one that I have cherished since my eldest was born just over 23 years ago. In the morning I was going to see my six year old twin girls in their school nativity play. These are always special moments for me. Mostly to see how the girls change from year to year, and how their confidence improves in… [Read More]

My 23 Year Old Daughter is Going To New York Very Soon!

In a couple of weeks my eldest daughter will be jetting off to New York with her partner and two friends. Part of me is very jealous as I have never been to the USA, but part of me is also very nervous of her trip to a country that this year has had nearly one mass shooting per day for whole of 2018. I know it’s my mind working overtime and feeling anxious about such a trip is not going to go away until I know she is back home safe. As I said at the beginning, part of… [Read More]

Do We Protect Our Daughters More Than Our Sons?

Being a dad I have often wondered if we instinctively protect our daughters more than we do our sons. Is it something that is inherited in us, possibly from our parents, that our daughters need looking after more? Is there more chance that harm can happen to our daughters than our sons in today’s world? Of course this is probably an outdated view that belongs in the 1950’s when women were considered fragile and timid. It was a completely different world then, but are we treating our daughters differently? To a large extent I guess we are. I am certainly… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo: Dad & Daughter Our First Blogging Job Together

Last Tuesday my 20 year old daughter, E, arrived back home from university for the day. The reason for this is because I did my first ever blogging job with one of my older children. All will be revealed soon on the blog, but I have to say we had a blast and laughed all day. It was particularly lovely to spend the day with my daughter as it’s not something that happens very often. We managed to captured this photo to remember the day.

#TogetherWeCan Inspire Our Daughters To Be Whatever They Want To Be #ad

The #SSEWomensFACupFinal is today and it kicks off at Wembley at 5.30pm. Thankfully it is live on BBC1. I was planning to go to Wembley to watch the match, and see Arsenal Women and Chelsea Ladies battle it out to become FA Cup winners, but sadly due to ill health I am unable to make the journey, which has been a huge let down to my six year old twin girls, and also my 20 year old daughter. Who are all huge football fans. My twin girls have, for the last six months, been going to an after school football… [Read More]

Six Years Old: My Sunday Photo

Last weekend when the beast of the east dumped a huge amount of snow all around us, it just so happened to be the same weekend that our twin girls were having their birthday party. This was to be held at our home. The girls had actually asked about 20-25 of their friends to come. How were we going to fit them all in the house? Haha! The snow, and snow drifts had left the roads impassable by car so anybody living too far away was going to be unlikely attend. As such we put out a message to see… [Read More]

Family And Love This Boxing Day In Our Home

I will never be super wealthy, but I don’t need to be, especially when I look around me and see who was in my home on Boxing Day. My five wonderful children, my beautiful wife and my mum. Let’s be honest all the money in world could never buy all that love and family. It’s what completes me as a dad, husband and son. In today’s money grabbing society, have we just lost the meaning of what’s really important in life? It’s family it’s togetherness and most importantly it’s love. Sibling love Many of us grew up in a loving… [Read More]