Six Years Old: My Sunday Photo

Last weekend when the beast of the east dumped a huge amount of snow all around us, it just so happened to be the same weekend that our twin girls were having their birthday party. This was to be held at our home. The girls had actually asked about 20-25 of their friends to come. How were we going to fit them all in the house? Haha! The snow, and snow drifts had left the roads impassable by car so anybody living too far away was going to be unlikely attend. As such we put out a message to see… [Read More]

Family And Love This Boxing Day In Our Home

I will never be super wealthy, but I don’t need to be, especially when I look around me and see who was in my home on Boxing Day. My five wonderful children, my beautiful wife and my mum. Let’s be honest all the money in world could never buy all that love and family. It’s what completes me as a dad, husband and son. In today’s money grabbing society, have we just lost the meaning of what’s really important in life? It’s family it’s togetherness and most importantly it’s love. Sibling love Many of us grew up in a loving… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My son turned 18 years old on Friday and we went out for a lunchtime celebration meal at a local pub.  I caught this fantastic photo of my son with his five year old twin sisters, who worship the ground he walks on. I love the sibling love that is captured in a very sweet moment. On a very special day. 

My Two Eldest Daughters Have Grown Up 

There was definitely a point in my mid to late teens that it was not cool to be seen in public with my parents. In my case it was just my mum. The days of going to Tesco to do the weekly shop was a big NO NO! Just in case I bumped into any of my friends. Conversation between the two of us became less and was usually limited to what I wanted to eat for tea, and if you are going out what time will you be home.  There was a time before this that I would have… [Read More]

Was The World A Safer Place When I Was Growing Up?

Today the world appears to be so unstable and incredibly volatile. We have so much tension and war all over the Middle East and certain parts of Africa are also having numerous wars on going that we rarely hear about. Plus numerous trouble spots around the world.  The world has changed so much since I was a child or has it? Growing up I feel now as though I was in a bubble that didn’t expand beyond the estate I live on. I grew up on an estate on the outskirts of Cardiff. It’s a purpose built concrete jungle with… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My Sunday photo this week is all about dads playing with their children. Especially their daughters. I have been involved with the Dads Who Play Barbie campaign. They  say that if you enter their imaginary world you are making an investment their real world. I couldn’t agree more. 

Enpowering My Daughters To Be Whatever They Want To Be 

I am a father of five which includes four daughters that range in ages from 21 down to 5  year old twins. I worry about them because as much as I read about how equality for women is improving, it doesn’t seem to get any better. Not a day goes by without another incident of how women are unfairly dealt with in the workplace or in life in general. There is always so much talk of equality for women, but they never really get it. With four daughters I hope the world becomes a more equal world, although somehow I… [Read More]

My daughter is home for summer from university

Last Friday I drove down to Southampton university to pick up my 19 year old daughter for the summer holidays. My 21 year old daughter and 17 year old son came with me to surprise their sister and to have a nosey at her new accommodation now that she has moved out of the university halls. She has completed her first year studying for a nursing degree. Nursing is a very different degree course to most university courses. For starters it’s longer and they only get one month off in the summer.  My daughter has settled well into university life… [Read More]