Daddy-Daughter Dates, That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Dads need to spend quality time with their daughters. I’m not just talking about being around while they are watching TV or doing their homework, but actually doing activities and visiting places together, and giving them your undivided attention so they feel special, valued, and loved. Happily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this. A topic that my post goes into more detail on below.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is such a big thing in the UK right now. In fact, you can hardly turn around for places that serve this meal that contains scones, sandwiches, and cakes. Of course, it’s a lovely daddy-daughter date to do because there is a certain sense of occasion to an afternoon team, something that your daughter is bound to love.

Sadly, some places like the Ritz in London can charge a fortune for afternoon tea which can make it especially difficult if you have multiple daughters to provide for. Although, I have found that checking sites like Groupon for more local offers can result in a great deal and a very happy daughter.

Alternatively, if you don’t want go out to sample this tea time treat you could always have a go at baking the item for it yourself and serving it at home. Just think how impressed your little one will be when you present her with scratch made scones and cakes, and home baking is sure to keep the cost low too!

Computer games evening

A great way of showing your daughter how hip a dad you are is to organise a daddy-daughter evening of gaming! Of course, you’ll need to think carefully about how you set this up as you may want to play against each other on a game like Smash Brothers on the Nintendo Switch, or in coop mode in a game like Rayman Legends.

You can even choose to play alongside each other in an MMORPG game like Runescape by setting up a character profile for both you and your daughter and play of different machines. While you’re at it, it can be smart to go to sites that have an osrs gold market place and stock up on currency as well. Then you can treat your daughter to some in-game purchases as you play and make her feel truly spoiled and social.

Movie Night

I love movie night as a daddy-daughter date because it hardly costs a thing, apart from a few bags of popcorn and there are so many options to choose from.

Now, to keep things fair it can work well if you let your daughter(s) choose the movie the first time around. Then you can choose the next one and use it as an opportunity to share some of your cinematic loves with your girls as they grow up. Something that can not only be a great way to spend an evening with them but  can even encourage them to like a particular type of film like Sci Fi or Western as they get older as well.

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