The Lego Batman Movie (A Review Of Sorts) 

Last Saturday we decided at the very last minute to go and see the new Lego Batman Movie. We took our five year old twin girls and my 17 year old son decided to come too. I was very excited to see it because I had seen many trailers and it looked fun. The trailers definitely made me giggle. 

I had watched last year on DVD the Lego movie with my twins and we all loved it. I particularly liked the fact that the story was told from the imagination of a small child and how a father and son found a bond between them from playing Lego. 

We found good seats and the film started. I will be honest, it wasn’t exactly as I expected, but went straight into the Batman story which definitely caught me off guard. I think I was expecting a similar format to the The Lego Movie, anyways not to worry I’m always one to give something a chance. 

Technically the film is brilliant to create movement and bring to life Lego figures. It never ceases to amaze me and the graphics are truly awesome. 

The storyline for me was at times disjointed and lacked direction with far too many characters running around and I know my four year old twins were struggling to keep up as they were fidgeting a lot which is something they don’t normally do. The true sign of a good children’s film for me is when my twins sit there transfixed to the screen. Unfortunately this was not the case for Lego Batman Movie.

There are without question some positives in relation to the characters, and one in particular is Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. She is a strong female and I like the fact that she takes the lead, hopefully silencing people who stereotype women. Showing that  women can be leaders and hold important jobs in society and rightly so. It gives me hope for my five year twin girls.

This character Barbara Gordon/batgirl is a great example to my twin girls that females can achieve anything in life. And she also kicks ass really well. 

I also like the fact that Robin was adopted by Batman bringing awareness that children are there to be adopted of all ages and a fantastic yet rarely spoken about issue for my five year old twins to learn about at an early age. 

Unfortunately I was not very keen on the Batman character as portrayed in this film. It really was a stereotypical alpha male who I thought had disappeared many years ago. 

I have always hoped that my children saw me as somebody that wasn’t afraid to show emotion and say sorry when you know you are in the wrong. This was not the type of man that Batman was portraying in this film.

On a couple of ocassions Batman refused to show emotion and came across as a hard unfeeling man. Also in one scene he found it impossible to say sorry and actually didn’t say sorry, and it also bothered me the use of the phrase I hate you while talking to the joker. 

These are all things that I wasn’t happy my five year old twins hearing because it’s not in my opinion the way to approach life, and let’s not make any mistake at five years old they are like sponges and pick up on everything. The thought of them telling somebody they hate them and thinking  it’s ok because Batman said it, frightens me. 

Overall the film was a disappointment to me. I felt the story didn’t flow from scene to scene very well. The use of so many characters confused the plot and humour was weak at best and the ocassional use of music and Michael Jackson lyrics didn’t really fit the film. If they did fit in I couldn’t work out where. 

The overall cost of five cinema tickets was £40 and I found that to be a very expensive two hours. If I was to rate the film I would give it 2 stars. 

I’m sure that I’m probably going against most people’s views about this film, but I felt I had seen all the best bits in the trailers. Occasionally the hype is better than the actual film. 

Have you seen The Lego Batman Movie? Would love to know what you think.

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