Dads! You Are Your Children’s First Superhero Lets Get It Right!

When you have been a dad for as long as me, it’s actually 24 years this year, it’s scary to think about where the time has gone. My son is turning 20 years old in a few days time and it only seems like yesterday that he was a baby. I’m not sure if my older children see me as their Superhero like they did when they were younger, but interestingly they still come to me for advice or just to bounce ideas off about their lives. What has come to my attention is how we are as dads when… [Read More]

The Lego Batman Movie (A Review Of Sorts) 

Last Saturday we decided at the very last minute to go and see the new Lego Batman Movie. We took our five year old twin girls and my 17 year old son decided to come too. I was very excited to see it because I had seen many trailers and it looked fun. The trailers definitely made me giggle.  I had watched last year on DVD the Lego movie with my twins and we all loved it. I particularly liked the fact that the story was told from the imagination of a small child and how a father and son… [Read More]