Our London Marathon Weekend Part 2

So it was our second day in London for the Virgin London Marathon and to say it started just a bit early would be an understatement. The girls were awake and raring to go at 5am, and as big as our family room in the premier hotel was, it was very spacious I might add, there was still nowhere to hide haha!

Like it or not, it was time to wake up, but breakfast didn’t start for another two hours and I was starving!

Anyways! Eventually breakfast came around and we went down around 7.30am and had a first class breakfast.

With my wife running the marathon on the Sunday it was decided that we would do some sightseeing, but to keep it to a minimum because she didn’t want to wear herself out. One place we wanted the girls to see was Buckingham palace and The Mall which is the finishing straight for their mum on race day.

We set off quite early and walked over Westminster Bridge and discovered very quickly it was freezing and very windy. Not exactly the best of day for sightseeing, but we braved the wind and occasional rain and got to see Buckingham Palace and got the statutory photo of the girls by the railings.

We then wandered down the mall and checked out where we would meet after the race and then walked through St James’ park and back through Westminster checking out Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, as well as the historic Westminster Abbey.

We then decided around lunchtime to make our way back to the hotel with some lunch and chill out at the hotel for the afternoon. On the way back we took a look at the London eye which is seriously tall and both me and the twins decided that it was much too high to go on, although the wife seemed keen which means I guess she will be doing it on her own next time we visit London haha!

That night we ate out at Pizza Express which I might add took us ages to find! I never realised how big London is! After our evening meal we came back via an underpass called Leake Street which is covered in graffiti art from beginning to end. It was awesome to see how talented these graffiti artists are, as you can see from my photos below. It was actually awesome watching them produce their artwork.

Finally we arrived back at the hotel and planned an early night for one of us at least who will have to run 26.2 miles on the Sunday!

Of course my wife had her hair done for the big race she looks like she was about to start yodelling haha!

Part 3 London Marathon Day coming tomorrow.

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