Our London Marathon Weekend Part 1

The weekend just gone, if you hadn’t noticed, was the weekend of the London Marathon and this year my wife, Emily took part in running the 26.2 mile course. Oh my goodness! I would struggle to run 26 metres without collapsing in a heap so huge respect from me that’s for sure. I’m in total awe of her.

Leaving my beloved Wales

It was going to be a very full weekend. We arrived on the Friday and planned to leave Sunday night. This was also going to be the girls first proper visit to London so we were going to try and fit in some sightseeing while we were there.

We arrived in London around 10am. We parked the car and then checked our luggage in at the Premier Inn hotel that we were staying at in Westminster.

Once all of that had been done we then needed to make our way over to the Virgin London Marathon Running Show via the underground. This was the first time our twin girls had been on the underground and it was quite funny watching their little faces getting on and off trains on the underground. I would love to have been in their minds to see what they were thinking as they stood on the packed tube train.

We arrived at the running show and the reality of the London Marathon struck home. It was an incredible sea of activity and it certainly gets you in the mood for the actual marathon on the Sunday. There were plenty of perfect photo opportunities along the way, especially for my wife.

My wife collected her race number and yes, that’s it! She was ready for the London Marathon. After nearly a year of training it must have been really satisfying to reach this point. Of course the only thing left to do was run the London Marathon.

We wandered around the running show and my wife met the charity, WellChild, who she was running for. I might add my wife raised £2,000 for them which in itself is an incredible achievement. She did this by standing on the doors of supermarkets with a collection bucket, holding kids parties, coffee mornings etc, and that was in itself a massive amount of work. She then had a photo by the WellChild stand.

At the end of the running show you can have a photo with a very large London Marathon medal which of course my wife did and that’s a fantastic moment to cherish forever.

We then made our way back to the hotel for an early night and to check-in properly and have our evening meal in the hotel.

Day one of our weekend was coming to an end, but already the excitement was growing with us all, because you just felt this was going to be one of those weekends that are very special and will live on in our memories forever.

Were you running or a spectator at the London Marathon I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

Part 2 tomorrow!


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