My Christmas Wishes 2017

My birthday is at the end of November which is just too close Christmas. I guess a lot of people would be happy to have two lots of presents in under a month, but not me.

My wife will start asking me what I want for my birthday and yes I am thankful that she wants to buy me presents, but I don’t really need anything and I am simply not materialistic. Yes, I love a few bits of tech, I love my iPhone X, and Smart TV, but my needs are very limited. I do like Holister clothes. My wife since my birthday has been asking me what I want for Christmas. This got me to thinking that instead of presents there are things I would like to see change in our world

So here are few things I would like to see happen for Christmas that would make the world a nicer and safer world for my children. A world that is better and they deserve to grow up in. After the mess the previous generations have made of the world.


What a mess this is. Negotiation after negotiation, and still no nearer to solving the problem of a good exit from the EU. For me personally if we could just cancel this whole thing, or better still hold another referendum, I’m fairly sure the country would vote to not leave.

Unfortunately the older generation running our country won’t be affected by Brexit, but my kids will be. We need the EU, the EU doesn’t need us. We are not the empire that a bunch of old fossils think we are.

So if the decision was taken to stop this absurd process, that would be the perfect Christmas present for me.

2. Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the biggest threat to the world I have ever seen, He is so unpredictable, but what is becoming more obvious by the day is that he’s corrupt, but very clever at covering his tracks. Although I think the circle is closing in on him and maybe hopefully he will resign. Perfect Christmas present for me, but this is unlikely, because actually he is that arrogant that he believes he is doing a good job, and runs the USA via Twitter.

3. Wars

Wouldn’t it be nice to not watch the news, and see children and adults being killed in the Middle East or maimed, innocent people caught up in wars that are generally being funded with arms from countries like where I live the UK.

4. The Wealth Gap

Nowadays there is an even bigger gap between the wealthy who are getting richer while the rest of us get poorer. Theresa May said her aim was to narrow the gap. Well guess what? She hasn’t and it will get worse. Most politicians don’t give a monkeys because they’re wealthy, and that applies to any members from any of the political parties. So many of them born with a silver spoon, and never had to really work.

This is just a few things that I would wish for Christmas. I simply want my children to have a better, nicer world to grow up in. At the moment it’s not a very nice place. With problems in every corner of the world. The world is in a state of turmoil and we need to put it right otherwise what is the future for the next generation?

Sadly for a period of time over the festive period, everything will be forgotten, but in January it will all be back with a vengeance.

On a personal level I actually don’t need lots of presents for Christmas. The best Christmas present I can receive is the love of my children, wife and my family. That’s something you cannot put a price on.

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