The Worry Of Going On Holiday In Our Very Troubled World

In about four weeks time we will be going to Disneyland Paris, and if I’m honest it’s a worry to me when you travel abroad on holidays. The world is such a troubled place nowadays with conflicts that seem to be happening in every corner of the globe. A few weeks ago when America decided to carry out bombing strikes on Syria and then basically tell France and the UK you are joining in with the strikes. You may consider this selfish but I don’t, my immediate thought was we are going on holidays to France and in particular Paris…. [Read More]

Some Things You Will Need To Be A Parent: Guess What, They Are Free

We live in a very fast technological world and our children are growing up right in the middle of it. iPads, mobile phones, and every conceivable item of technology is available to them, and incredibly at a cost they can or at least their parents can afford. The other day I read that generation Z is actually boring of technology. They flick through YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, aimlessly looking for something to interest them. All this got me thinking that as a parent what are my own hopes and dreams for my children? I will always be proud whatever they decide… [Read More]

My Christmas Wishes 2017

My birthday is at the end of November which is just too close Christmas. I guess a lot of people would be happy to have two lots of presents in under a month, but not me. My wife will start asking me what I want for my birthday and yes I am thankful that she wants to buy me presents, but I don’t really need anything and I am simply not materialistic. Yes, I love a few bits of tech, I love my iPhone X, and Smart TV, but my needs are very limited. I do like Holister clothes. My… [Read More]

It's a blogging world

Our home is without question a blogging world.  Some of you may or may not know that my wife Emily (Twin Mummy and Daddy) and I are a blogging couple. I’m not sure how common that is, but it certaintly leads to interesting topics of conversation at times. As well as the possible element of competitive moments, although I have to admit I lose out on most occasions! I have to admit we rarely argue over blogging and it has most definitely had its benefits.  I remember my wife saying to me about five years ago that she was going… [Read More]

Proud to be a Welsh Aussie.

Strange title I know, but for 80 minutes last night I was convinced I was Australian! Why you may ask?! Well the Aussies were Playing England in the rugby union World Cup. If Australia beat England, Wales would progress through to the next stage. So every time the Aussies approached to score a little cheer came from me! So this was no better opportunity than to support the Aussies and of course watch the English get beaten, and go out of their own tournament! The first  host country not to get out of the group stages! It never ceases to… [Read More]

Win Great Prizes with the New Pass Around The World Campaign from Allianz

Would you like to win some great prizes? From £150 to spend on TicketMaster to exclusive Saracens experiences read on to find out how! In honour of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Allianz are celebrating their partnership with Saracens RFC by creating an online initiative to bring people from all walks of life together through Rugby.  Pass Around The World is the name of the campaign which has been created by Allianz. The idea behind the campaign is to encourage people to  join in a ‘Pass Around The World’ by filming their own rugby pass.  Saracens and Allianz are calling… [Read More]