My New Grooming and Shaving Regime For 2019 With The Personal Barber #AD

I never make resolutions for a new year, but 2019 is the year that I have decided to introduce a grooming regime. My days of the stubble have gone and I want that clean shaven look all the time. For a lot of men making sure that you have a grooming regime is quite easy, but I have always been lazy when it comes to shaving on a daily basis. Not anymore though! Times are changing!

So when I was recently approached by The Personal Barber to try out their monthly subscription kit, I instantly thought that this is the perfect opportunity to put into practice my new grooming regime for 2019.

The Personal Barber offers a shaving subscription box for men with the aim of turning shaving daily into an enjoyable experience rather than a chore. This means having great products, a much closer shave and having a good experience.

Before I move onto the details of the subscription service let’s have a look at what you will receive in the box. They are really fantastic, top quality products.

1. Suezbana Spearmint Shaving Cream

Suezbana is a small independent company that produces natural beauty products for men and women. This shaving cream was excellent. It lathered up really well and once I applied it, I didn’t need to re-apply any more. The spearmint scent really was very addictive and felt fantastic on the skin.

2. SA.AL&CO After Shave Balm

This after shave balm is made by a company from Austria. It has skin loving ingredients which help to soothe and repair the skin after shaving. These ingredients include aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter and macadamia oil. It feels really light and and has the wonderful smell of mint tea oil essentials. Really awesome product.

3. Alfred Lane Brio Solid Cologne

This really is the perfect way to apply cologne on the go. It’s made from a beeswax base, and due to its small size it’s airport friendly. The fragrance has a very musky and woody feel to it, which of course makes it perfect for this time of year.

4. Gillette Platinum & Derby Replacement Blades

There are two brands of blades in the subscription box. Both are high quality. The Gillette Platinum blades are one of the smoothest shaves in the Gillette line and will last about 4-7 shaves.

The Derby blades are made in Turkey and are made from premium Swedish steel and will last for 3-7 shaves.

5. The Personal Barber Double Edged Safety Razor (Premium Razor)

This razor is perfect for the beginner wet shaver and I wholeheartedly agree. It feels great in hand and it’s very easy to control, and was very smooth as I was shaving.

6. The Personal Barber Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush

The brush is fully synthetic and it is placed between badger and boar hair in terms of softness, but it’s important to say that this is not an animal product, and that’s very important for me. It lathered up very easily, and being synthetic also makes it very easy to maintain.

So that is all the products you will receive in your first box and I have to say the quality and choice of products is top class.

Now we move on to the subscription box itself. I have to say I love a subscription box and for me being lazy when it comes to shaving this was perfect timing. As 2019 was the year I wanted to make shaving a pleasure not a chore.

What I love about this particular shaving subscription box is the effort, time and thought that has gone into finding and sourcing the right products, and this is all delivered right to your home.

The shaving subscription box is delivered every six weeks, and it’s packed with the latest hand picked choices of the best shaving products available, and delivery is free of charge.

New members in their first box get the basic signature razor and brush absolutely free, plus a step by step guideline to give you the best shave ever. For just £10 you can also upgrade to the Premium Razor when ordering your first box. Just enter the code PREMIUMRAZOR at the checkout to get the discount. This means you get it for half price which is fantastic value.

The benefits of the Personal Barber subscription box really do shine through.

1. Every box will contain different products to mix it all up and let you enjoy the experience that bit more. I thought this was excellent that they mix it up and let you try top quality products every month.

2. It’s environmentally friendly as all the blades can be saved up and recycled. Unlike disposable razors which it is estimated that 2 billion are sent to landfill every year. I think this is particularly good that The Personal Barber is looking after the environment.

3. There is no commitment to a certain length of time, as you can cancel anytime.

4. Your razor and brush are guaranteed for life and any problems the Personal Barber will endeavour to sort to it out for you.

The Personal Barber is an excellent subscription box which I love and would highly recommend. Once you have tried it I bet you won’t go back to your previous way of shaving. I know I won’t. Shaving has finally become a pleasure.

So what are you waiting for? Go and subscribe right here.

This is a collaborative post.

20 thoughts on “My New Grooming and Shaving Regime For 2019 With The Personal Barber #AD

  1. Ah yes, I’m familiar with Personal Barber. Very good kit in my experience. I’ve never heard of cologne on the go though. That sounds awesome and I’d love to try it! Look forward to seeing more ‘Clean Shaven Nigel’ in the weeks to come. As ever, thanks for hosting #thatfridaylinky

  2. I have always been in you previous camp. Never clean shaven and always carrying some stubble. So thank you for this post, I m heading over to their website to check out the subscription.

  3. Looks Faaaan- ceee!
    What a great gift idea, we all know a bloke who already has everything, as long as he doesn’t have a beard too this could be perfect!

  4. This looks like a great idea. I am trying to have a better skincare regime this year too. I think when we have little ones, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.


  5. I love buying my husband shaving kits as it’s an essential for him and he likes to try different brands and products as he has sensitive skin. Thanks for the recommendation. #ThatFridayLinky

  6. Excellent service and products, I signed up in January and like you I’m enjoying the shaving ‘ritual’ now rather than it being a chore

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