My New Grooming and Shaving Regime For 2019 With The Personal Barber #AD

I never make resolutions for a new year, but 2019 is the year that I have decided to introduce a grooming regime. My days of the stubble have gone and I want that clean shaven look all the time. For a lot of men making sure that you have a grooming regime is quite easy, but I have always been lazy when it comes to shaving on a daily basis. Not anymore though! Times are changing! So when I was recently approached by The Personal Barber to try out their monthly subscription kit, I instantly thought that this is the… [Read More]

Gryphon Wi-Fi Router Review #AD

We live in a world that is now massively digitally reliant and most children by the age of five will have been exposed to the internet. The biggest danger to just having plain and simple family time is actually screen time, and like most parents I find it difficult to control screen time, especially if you have children that have inquisitive minds. So when I was approached by Gryphon to review their WiFi router I was a little more than curious about how it could protect my children when they are online. It is a new sensible way to protect… [Read More]

Lock Paper Scissors Escape Room Z Game Review

I have recently teamed up with Lock Paper Scissors to play and review their game, Escape Room Z. Lock Paper Scissors is an online company that sells everything you need to design and run your very own Escape Room party with friends or colleagues. They make great team building games! Escape Room Z is a zombie themed game that transforms your home into a nail biting adventure. Suitable for teams of 4-6 players, this game should last for around an hour. The game is described as having a hard difficulty level, and whilst I do agree with this, it can… [Read More]

Ice Watch Review And Giveaway #ad 

I have always loved watches. In fact I don’t feel fully dressed without a watch on my wrist. When Ice-Watch approached me to review one of their watches, it was a instant, yes please from me! I like watches that are fashionable and brightly coloured, but also practical and ideally have an element of water resistance. So I picked a watch from their collection. The ICE aqua Marine watch in blue because in truth it’s my favourite colour. The watch is navy blue, which is a colour associated with the people who were either voyagers or people who were sea-farers. The strap… [Read More]

Kidde Remote Lync Camera Review 

In today’s world our homes are full of very expensive high tech equipment and keeping it safe can be very difficult. Laptops nowadays hold so much of our personal information. The last thing anybody wants is it falling into the wrong hands. I was recently asked if I wanted to review a Kidde Remote Lync Security Camera. This took me a split second to decide, yes! It’s a revolutionary new home security camera that allows you to keep a close eye on your home via your phone when you are not there. This really does change home security and the… [Read More]

Real Construction Kit by Jakks Pacific

As a dad to four girls and one boy, you might think that my life has been dominated by Barbie dolls and glitter, but you’d be very wrong. My two eldest girls played football during their childhood, one even went on to play for Wales. My son also played football. When it comes to my four year old twins, R is following in the footsteps of her sisters as she also loves football! M likes football too, but I guess she’d be considered more girly than R, as she does like playing with her Barbie dolls. When I was asked to… [Read More]

Leapfrog Epic Tablet Review. 

In today’s world technology is king and for my four year old twins it is without question their world. As they grow up they are bombarded with all sorts of technologies via television or the internet. I am very aware in making sure that whatever new technology they see or want to use is safe and very importantly age appropriate. Quite often this can be be very difficult when they are left to play on their own. So when I was recently sent the new LeapFrog Epic to review, I was over the moon. It is without question a brilliant… [Read More]

Animal Jam Review. 

I was recently sent some toys from the Animal Jam game to review. If I’m honest I’d never heard of Animal Jam before until they contacted me, but I was curious and being the dad of four year old twins it seemed perfect for them. Animal Jam was originally an game online made by wildworks and is produced in association with National Geographic. It first launched online in 2010. Animal Jam is basically a playground filled with fun and entertainment for children who love animals and the outdoors. So far so good as our twins definitely love animals and the outdoors!… [Read More]