My Sunday Photo 

My photo this week is what we had for tea on New Years Eve. 

I will explain my mum as seen in the picture with my four year twin girls has for about six months asking my wife and myself can we have a takeaway for tea one night and basically she meant a Macdonalds or KFC. 

So I took the order from everybody to drive down to collect or tea getting the order was not easy from my mum she wanted a beefburger but not a plain one but only lettuce and tomato on it this as most people know when you ask for something a bit different it always ends badly. 

I drove down with my son and thankfully Macdonalds got the order right we drove over to KFC  across the road and collected the food there. 

Thankfully we only live approximately a 10 minute drive away so the food stays reasonably hot. 

We were all sat down enjoying our fast food tea when all of sudden my mum starting coughing uncontrollably with only half her meal eaten this continued for about three minutes with the occasional mumble of stuck in my throat. Any second I thought I would have to jump in and perform my world famous heimlich manoeuvre. 

Thankfully she stopped coughing and finished her meal I nearly started her off again by saying that’s why it’s called fast food but you are not supposed to eat it quickly. 

What I particularly love about the photo is my mum is 88 years old and her four year old twin granddaughters all sitting down having a Macdonalds together proving Macdonalds span the generations and they are “just loving it”

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