Germs In Your Home How To Avoid Becoming Unwell

In the home germs are everywhere, and they can quickly spread from hand to mouth which in turn can give you a bad tummy or diarrhoea which is very unpleasant, and this can affect the whole family very quickly. When you are cooking for the whole family it is important to have good hygiene practice in place so none of those germs pass onto the food that you are preparing for all the family which they will be eating. I have teamed up with Brosch Direct and their campaign #GlovesIsAllYouNeed. So I have decided to list a few tips and… [Read More]

Cooking With Jack Daniels Sauces #ad

I love cooking, and when cooking meat such as chicken I always love to add a sauce. When I was recently approached by Jack Daniels Sauces to create my own recipe, I couldn’t wait, especially as they were going to send me a selection of their BBQ sauces which is easily my favourite flavour! After a little thought I decided to cook chicken. I was looking for something that was simple yet spectacular at the same time. Not easy to achieve, but I think I just about managed it. So first up I needed to buy some ingredients. I decided… [Read More]

The Christmas Cost

I’ve teamed up with Admiral insurance for their cost of Christmas campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to see how the cost of the festive season has changed over the last 40 years. Admiral have created a very clever widget which people can interact with. Simply select which year you’d like to find more about (2006, 1996, 1986 and 1976), and then  you can compare this against your spend at Christmas to find out what items have gone up and if prices have dropped on certain items. You can find the widget online at Admiral have also included some… [Read More]

Our #familygoodtimes Visit to McDonald’s With The Characters #ad

We are a family that love to create memories that will live forever, especially for our children. We’re always looking for something new and different for us to enjoy as a family. So, recently, when I was approached by McDonald’s to join in with their new #familygoodtimes campaign, I couldn’t wait to create some more special family moments. My five year old twins love a trip to McDonald’s, but then who doesn’t? I know I do too! Well now is the time to go because McDonald’s have a very special event happening at selected restaurants throughout the UK. They’re having… [Read More]

Garden Party Barbecue with Iceland: Video Special #Ad

Summer has arrived and for us that means it’s time to get the barbecue out, gather round family and friends and let the good times roll! I think there’s no better way to bring the whole family together than a good, traditional barbecue. Did you know that the UK is Europe’s leading BBQ nation, hosting over 130 million BBQ’s in 2016? Over the past couple of weeks we’ve already had two barbecues, so this will be our third this year and I’m sure we’ll have many more to come! Thankfully, Iceland are close by to give us a helping hand… [Read More]

A Brief History Of HP Sauce 

Ever since I was a child I have loved HP sauce. In fact I would have it on every meal that gets served up to me by my mum. No meal was complete without it, and now that I am a dad nothing has changed. Let’s be honest Heinz HP Sauce is every dad’s favourite brown sauce. What I never realised was how long Heinz HP brown sauce has been around. HP Sauce is the original and best brown sauce which since 1899 has been a firm favourite by dads all over the UK. It was orginally made by HP… [Read More]

3 Desserts Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking This Spring

You’re a busy dad. You don’t have time for complicated meals. That’s why you bought a sous vide cooker. It’s about as foolproof as you’re going to get, it’s easy to clean and the food is surprisingly good.Many people are afraid to venture into desserts with their sous vide, but there are so many simple and delicious recipes that will make the kids – and dad – grin from ear to ear.  These three desserts are perfect for Spring (especially after a weekend of Spring cleaning), and they come together quickly. 1. Chocolate Pots de Creme Don’t let the name… [Read More]

Fun Family Activities for Easter 2017

With Mother’s Day recently behind us, we now turn our focus to the next upcoming family holiday that is Easter! With spring in full swing, it is easy to get excited for Easter and all of the colours, candy and chocolate treats it brings. Easter is one of the most versatile holidays for children, as there are so many creative and fun activities based around that weekend. Here are some of my family’s favourite activities that we would like to share:  Appetisers & Pictionary  On busy weekends such as this one, after preparing an Easter Sunday meal, the thought of… [Read More]