Fun Family Activities for Easter 2017

With Mother’s Day recently behind us, we now turn our focus to the next upcoming family holiday that is Easter! With spring in full swing, it is easy to get excited for Easter and all of the colours, candy and chocolate treats it brings. Easter is one of the most versatile holidays for children, as there are so many creative and fun activities based around that weekend. Here are some of my family’s favourite activities that we would like to share: 

Appetisers & Pictionary 

On busy weekends such as this one, after preparing an Easter Sunday meal, the thought of cooking up meals for the remainder of the weekend can seem overwhelming. One of my favourite things that the girls and I like to do is order a plethora of appetisers from different cuisine types in the neighbourhood, have them delivered through Hungry House (takeaway company working with thousands of restaurants), and having a casual interactive game night. It is fun for the younger ones to try different foods they normally wouldn’t gravitate too, and having an interactive game such as Pictionary allows us to snack in between turns.

Easter Wreaths

On days when the family wants to get crafty, drumming up an Easter wreath for the front door is always a favoured option. The options are really endless when it comes to creating a wreath, which gives the little ones lots of time to think up what they want. If you have lots of space at home to hang them, have the kids each come up with their own wreath to create. Pinterest has loads of different ideas if you get stuck, or need some inspiration.

Visit a Petting Zoo

For those families that love the duck and rabbit representation over Easter weekend, a trip to a local petting zoo may be the best option for family fun. Loads of farms offer kid-friendly activities during springtime in general, so once the kids tire of visiting animals, there are hayrides, sweet treats, and crafts awaiting them.

A Chocolate Workshop

Perhaps the most fun (and delicious) option is to partake in a chocolate workshop, such as the one hosted by My Chocolate in London each year.  Learn some things about our favourite treat, learn how to decorate with it, and create your own yummy creations. This is a great time for the kids and adults alike to get create, learn some new things, and enjoy snacking afterwards. Be sure to take a look on your city’s website to see if there is a chocolate workshop happening near you.

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