My Twin Girls Are Apparently Getting Married OMG! They Are Five 

So last Saturday morning about 6.30am I was having a cuddle with my five year old twin girls in our bed. I would like to say that this was unusual that the girls were in our bed, but no it happens every night and come morning time there is always four of us in our bed!

So while my wife was snoring like the 8.39am express steam train into Paddington, I was chatting to the girls about school and life in general. Now they are five years old and I find they’re changing so much and it’s really amusing to listen to them because at times they sound so much older than what they are.

Out of the blue M announced to me that she was getting married. I asked her who she was marrying and she named a boy in her class, so I asked her why she was marrying him and she said because he is her best friend. It was a very quick reply. I thought seems a good reason! Although it me giggle inside!

R then jumped into the conversation and proudly announced that she wasn’t getting married ever and said she just wants a sister, to which I thought, well actually R you do already have 3 sisters, and she said, oh yes I do that’s right!

M then went on to say she would like a real baby and mummy can keep it in her tummy for her! I thought we’d better check with mummy first if that is ok! To which M replied that mummy wouldn’t mind! R then joined in again and said I don’t want a baby in a very matter of fact way. This whole conservation all took place in about ten minutes. Oh yes! My wife was still snoring very loudly and I’m sure she fluffed too, only joking haha!

The strange thing for me was what are five year olds talking about in school? When I pick the girls up from school, I always ask did you have a good day, what did you do today? etc. Of course the reply is usually a standard nothing special, or I can’t remember.

Well, girls this is not entirely true is it now? I think planning on getting married to your best friend is something that maybe you should be telling mummy and daddy. Surely the twins would remember planning a wedding!

I would love to be a hidden camera when the girls are having these conversations with their friends and how the topic actually comes about. To be talking about such subjects at the tender age of five is mind boggling.

This was truly a fascinating chat I had with my five year old twins. No they are not getting married. OMG! They are five years old. In fact I said simply, DADDY RULES!  YOU ARE NEVER GETTING MARRIED! Seems fair I think!

It shows the girls are developing at a rapid speed and I will have to have eyes in the back of my head to keep a very close eye on them, or they may end up eloping to Gretna Green.

Do your children reveal startling things that they talk about in school with their friends? I would love to hear about.

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5 thoughts on “My Twin Girls Are Apparently Getting Married OMG! They Are Five 

  1. Oh this is such a CUTE conversation! My eldest is 6yo so we have very similar conversations too. She has asked a number of times if she can marry daddy, but, instead, has settled on living in a house next door to us when she grows up, with a secret passageway that goes straight from her house to ours! #dreamteam

  2. Oh that’s adorable. Our two are constantly arguing over who they want to marry at the moment too. They are 2 and 4. They seem to be settling on their dad and I for now which we can live with. Miss Tot has also got a selection of boyfriends already. They just grow up far too quickly! Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

  3. Brilliant. My 7yo is getting married, too. His reasoning… she plays Minecraft.

    It’s a fair point. To be fair, I know people who’ve married for far more questionable reasons than that.

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