My Twin Girls They Are So Different 

I have written many times how different my five year old twins are, but the older they get it’s becoming more obvious how different in character and personality they are. This has become more apparent to me in the last nine months or so. Personally I don’t think it’s a bad thing, because although being twins is something they will be all their lives, they also need to be individuals with their own sets of friends and goals in life.

Here are some examples of how different they can be.

1. School 

This is one of the most obvious differences for me. Specifically in relation to school uniform. M always wears a dress and cardigan with tights and shoes with a pretty flower on them to school. Whereas R always wears trousers and a jumper, and shoes that closely resemble trainers.

The other morning they were a bit late getting to school, and the door to their classroom was being closed. R, well not putting too finer a point on it got quite upset, and it really bothered her that she was late, to the point where she mentioned it the next morning, and sugggested we drove to school so they wouldn’t be late. M on the other hand was not slightly bothered.

2. Toys 

I will say that they do often play with the same toys, but there is a noticeable difference in their tastes, R likes toys that test her and stretch her imagination. There has to be an end product, something she can achieve. M on the other hand will probably be very happy just playing with dolls all day, everyday, which invariably have to be princesses! If R does play with dolls, there is no doubt they will be a selection of superheroes.

3. Temperant

This is where I see the most difference between my twin girls. There is a gulf of difference between their temperants. R can so easily get upset at the smallest, insignificant things and her mood swings, well they are on a par with me, haha! Yes, unfortunately I think she has inherited my mood swings, bless her! M well everything appears to go straight over her head, nothing in life seems to bother her, sometimes I wish it did though because she can be a soft touch when it comes to her sister, giving in far too easily.

4. Their Possesions (toys etc) 

This is also something that never ceases to amaze me. R is a hoarder and she knows exactly what is hers and passionately looks after them, and usually stockpiles them at the side of the sofa. M on the other hand will play with her possesions and then after usually just a few minutes will move onto to something else, discarding the previous toy or whatever to generally be forgotten about forever.

On their next birthday they will be six years old. They’re growing up quickly, but also changing and constantly developing their own personality and character.

If I’m honest when I found out approximately five and half years ago that my wife was expecting twins, my pre-conception was they would be identical in every way. How wrong was I! They are not identical to look that, although the older they get, they look more alike every day, but their personalities and characters are miles apart.

I wouldn’t have it any other way now. As they grow they will be totally individual and be able to become themselves. It just goes to show though that even though they are twins born just two minutes apart, they are unique human beings which is exactly as it should be.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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