Follow The Bear: Hofmeister Lager Is Back With A Giveaway 

If you are as old as me, you will remember the 80’s with affection. For me it was easily the era of music, although I’m quite happy to see my favourites stay in the 80’s. Comebacks are never quite the same as when they were top of the charts the first time around.

For all of that guess who has made a comeback. It’s Hofmeister larger, easily one of the top lagers of that decade. When Hofmeister was originally launched it was brewed by Heineken and they then stopped brewing it in 2003. However, 13 years later it’s been brought back and it’s more Barvarian than ever before. It’s slow brewed and crafted in Germany according to the 1516 Beer Purity law. This means they’re only allowed to use three ingredients to make beer. Hofmeister only use the best which is pure mineral water from an underground lake beneath the Ebersberg Forest, locally grown barley and hops from the Hallertau region. The reason is simple. They want the best and total perfection. This all combines to make a fresher, subtly hoppy and a gently carbonated Helles

They are only one of four Bavarian breweries to be slow-brewed accredited. Also by brewing Hofmeister slower and colder it gives a depth of taste, with a gentle carbonation which many others simply cannot achieve.

Hofemeister has been brought back to life by Spencer Chambers and Richard Longhurst who now own and run the company,. They’ve made Hofmeister into a 5% ABV Hellen lager which is brewed in the Ebersberger Forest in Bavaria by a fourth generation family owned brewery. They have also kept the bear logo, but updated it from those days of the 80’s.

With Christmas fast approaching I know I will be topping up my fridge with Hofmeister so that I can hand out a quality larger to family and friends to celebrate the festive season.

You can currently get a case from Amazon of 12 for £19.99 or a case of 24 for £39.99 and, for a limited time, they can also get free delivery if they enter the code FTBHOF17 at checkout.


Finally there is chance for you to win a Hofmeister bundle. All you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

UK only
Competition starts at 12am on 15/11/17 and ends at 12am on 23/11/17
Invalid/incomplete entries will be voided
Winner chosen at random via rafflecopter
Prize is one Hofmeister Bundle (as pictured) – No alternatives will be offered
The winner will be announced within seven days of the competition closing
The winner has 28 days to claim their prize. If the winner fails to claim their prize within 28 days an alternative winner will be chosen

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