Motorway RTA:NextBase 512K Dashcam Giveaway

A week or so before Christmas I went down to Southampton university to pick my 20 year old daughter, E, for the Christmas holidays. This is a journey I have done many times so it’s a route that I know very well. The driving conditions were fine all the way down there and conditions were fine for the drive home. To get to the M4 for the drive back to South Wales, I need to take the A34 after leaving the M3. Not long after I joined the A34 and the traffic came to a halt. Thankfully I was able… [Read More]

Follow The Bear: Hofmeister Lager Is Back With A Giveaway 

If you are as old as me, you will remember the 80’s with affection. For me it was easily the era of music, although I’m quite happy to see my favourites stay in the 80’s. Comebacks are never quite the same as when they were top of the charts the first time around. For all of that guess who has made a comeback. It’s Hofmeister larger, easily one of the top lagers of that decade. When Hofmeister was originally launched it was brewed by Heineken and they then stopped brewing it in 2003. However, 13 years later it’s been brought… [Read More]

Happy Calc Elementary Maths Space Theme Puzzle Review & Competition

I was recently sent a Happy Calc Elementary Maths Space Theme Puzzle from Fun Comet to review. When I looked at it I thought that it was a really different way for children to learn about numbers. My four year old twins are now getting very competent with their numbers and this seemed like a very interesting way to use their imagination to not only learn, but be creative as well.  This may be called a puzzle, but it’s not a puzzle in the tradionational way. It’s very open ended and there is no set pattern to follow. I found this… [Read More]