My Twins Are Six Years Old Soon: Party In The House

My twin girls are going to be six years old next month, very scary. I always wonder where the time has gone. It goes so quickly. It really doesn’t seem like yesterday that they were born six weeks early and had a spell in special care. 27 days in fact, which at times felt like 27 years.

So next month they will be six years old and every year they have had some sort of party. Every party so far has been a party at either a local church hall where we hired a bouncy castle or at a soft play centre where everything was laid on for the party including the food.

Initially this year we suggested to the girls that maybe they would like a ten pin bowling party. To start with they agreed to this.

We always put a limit on how many friends they can have, but of course that is always doubled, due to the fact that they mostly have different friends. This is one of the joys of twins. Absolutely everything is always doubled up! The cost of a ten pin bowling party was going to be around £300, but hey ho, that’s the deal and if that’s what they want, so be it.

Then out of the blue one day, not just one of our girls, but both of them announced that they would like to have their party at home, ok then if you are sure girls no problem. We can do that I thought no worries.

Sadly the girls birthday is in winter, if it was in the summer a jumping castle hire would of been perfect for the garden. For all the kids to enjoy.

Actually the more I thought about the idea of having the girls birthday party at home, the more the idea appealed to me. Mainly because I was thinking of all the old fashioned party games that we are going to be able to play.

When you hold your child’s party at a venue wherever that might be, entertaining the kids is something you don’t have to do, either the venue or somebody else is entertaining them for you. This in turn leaves you not being that involved with your child’s birthday party. Having it at home will mean that my wife and I, are going to have find some exciting things to do to keep 20 kids entertained and enjoy the party for two hours, I know that’s long, but I’m sure we will.

Our twin girls do love the more old fashioned games like hide and seek or traditional board games. Basically they love activities or games that involve them interacting with other people. Hopefully we can fill the two hours of party time with fun games and lots of laughter.

The cost saving is massive because we don’t need to hire anything. No children’s entertainer or a local hall are needed. Just us. We have everything we need in our home, of course, we will need to make food and get party bags, but that will be minimum costs, compared to holding it at a venue.

There will undoubtably be more work for us to do preparing the house for twenty kids to go running around, but of course we can shut off certain areas and bedrooms. We have also said that parents are welcome to stay with their children, although it won’t be a problem if they don’t want too.

The truth is for me that I’m glad the girls have asked for a party at home in their own environment that they are comfortable with and I believe the cost saving will be considerable probably a third of what it would cost if we hired somewhere.

If you can think of any fun games we can use at a kids party that’s at home, I would love to hear.

3 thoughts on “My Twins Are Six Years Old Soon: Party In The House

  1. We have Little Man’s third birthday tomorrow and his party in a local hall on Saturday. Then Fidget’s sixth at the end of March. I still don’t have the nerve to hold it at home though. Good luck with that one, Nige! Great post. #bloggersbest

  2. We have done parties at home in the past and last year was the first one that we did a ‘class’ party jointly with a friend and we hired a hall, we were able to share costs which was great! This year I have no idea what we will do, Alfie wants to go to Bounce near us (an indoor trampoline park) but my god it is so expensive. Good luck hosting the party at home and look forward to seeing the pictures. Thanks for linking up #BloggersBests

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