Omg ! Christmas Is Nearly Here I Can’t Wait!

I am a self confessed Christmas fan. I love it! It’s that time of year when you can spoil your loved ones without fear of judgement that you might be buying too much, and if anybody does say anything, you can simply say, it’s Christmas, don’t be such a Scrooge!

Of course spending within your budget is really important and don’t buy everything on credit, because that will give you a big headache in January. For all of that there are so many bargains nowadays and you can easily spoil your loved ones without breaking the bank.

What is it that I love about Christmas?

This weekend is the start of a month of fun and we will be starting by getting the Christmas tree out of the attic and putting it together with our five year old twin girls. They love to help and of course everything will be everywhere. It will not look perfect, but who cares the girls did it. I only hope I put the lights away properly last year, or I will be sitting there for hours as usual getting them untangled!

Where we live there is a village and every year they have an annual Christmas fair where the lights are turned on. It’s a fun night with lots of entertainment and stalls to buy Christmas goodies.

We have already visited Santa this year once at West Midlands Safari Park (you can read all about here). We also go to a local garden centre which has become a local tradition in our home. I think this is our fourth time in five years, our five year old twin girls love visiting this particular Father Christmas because it has such a friendly feel to it.

A new event this year is our twin girls recently joined rainbows and this year they’re doing a Christmas concert at our local church. They’ll be singing Christmas songs with their rainbows group. We will also be attending their school Christmas concert just before Christmas which is always a blast and gets you in the Christmas mood.

Watching all the Christmas decorations appear inside houses and outside always gives me a feeling of happiness and joy in our area when normally the houses look so drab and dull throughout the winter. It cheers up the whole suburb. Always guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

Listening and watching our five year old twin girls get more and more excited is always fun to watch as Christmas gets nearer and nearer. Starting their advent calendars chocolate first thing in the morning, the only time in the year they will get away with that. Haha! Well maybe not! Counting the days down to Christmas Day.

What makes it very special is family for me. My children all come together along with my wife and mum to celebrate Christmas. In this world that moves very fast, it’s rare to have everybody together for any occasion but Christmas is one of those times.

Watching the girls come into the room to see all the presents that Santa has left them. It’s one of the most magical moments in the world, because quite simply they still believe in Santa.

Christmas is a special time to share with your loved ones and see everybody in a happy wonderful festive mood. What more could you ask for? That’s why I love Christmas!

What do you love about Christmas? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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