Oh YES! That Father Christmas Threat

Come on then how many times have you said this to your little ones in the last few weeks! I could lie and say I would never resort to such threats, haha! Not a chance! I have actually forgotten how many times I have said this so far this year and for that matter how many times I have heard my wife say it. The problem with this particular threat is in my opinion it falls on deaf ears, or least it falls on very deaf ears as far as my five year old twin girls are concerned. It goes… [Read More]

Omg ! Christmas Is Nearly Here I Can’t Wait!

I am a self confessed Christmas fan. I love it! It’s that time of year when you can spoil your loved ones without fear of judgement that you might be buying too much, and if anybody does say anything, you can simply say, it’s Christmas, don’t be such a Scrooge! Of course spending within your budget is really important and don’t buy everything on credit, because that will give you a big headache in January. For all of that there are so many bargains nowadays and you can easily spoil your loved ones without breaking the bank. What is it… [Read More]

Santa Safari:Our Family Christmas Trip to West Midland Safari Park 

One of our favourite places to visit for a day trip as a family is without a doubt, West Midland Safari Park. So when I was asked to bring the family along to experience their Santa Safari, it was an immediate, “Yes, I would love to!” When you have five year old twin girls who completely and totally believe in Santa it’s quite simply magical. They also love animals so to be able to drive through the Safari first and see all the awesome animals before going on to meet Santa. Well, it’s a recipe for a perfect day. We live… [Read More]

Our Annual Visit To See Santa 

Yesterday I found a picture which is approximately 18 years old of my oldest daughters and me visiting Santa’s grotto. It made me realise I have been doing the annual visit to see Santa for a long time and I’m not sure I’m aging too well, but OMG! Five children gives you grey hairs! Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of my son and I visiting Santa, and at 17 years old I think he is a bit too old, haha! I did suggest we go together to get that all important memory, but recieved a very blank look and… [Read More]

Santa Please Stop Here Canvas Review 

One Christmas tradition that all of my five children have always loved doing is putting up the Santa please stop here sign. Even my eldest at 21 years of age still believes and has to make sure it’s put up, haha! Recently I was sent the most unique and very cool Santa please stop here signs from Karen over at Love Your Home Interiors. The signs come in canvas form and they are beautifully decorated and personalised to your child with their name. For a child seeing their name on a sign such as this with a cartoonists picture of Santa definitely… [Read More]