Our London Marathon Weekend Marathon Day Has Arrived

The morning of the marathon had arrived. You can check out my IGTV video with my wife below.

I’m not sure if she was nervous or was quietly confident. She definitely doesn’t give much away in the video hah!

It was a very early start to the day as we were up at 6am, and then my wife left the hotel at 7.30am for the start line so this left me and the girls to have breakfast on our own, but before then the first thing we needed to do was to take everything back to the car so I just had the rucksack to carry during the day.

After breakfast and we had taken everything back to the car my original thought was to stay in the hotel room for quite a while before making our way to the grandstand on The Mall. However this didn’t go to plan because my twin girls got bored very quickly!

So I made the decision around 9am to make our way to the grandstand and buy some lunch and snacks on the way, because I knew the girls would get hungry over the next six hours.

As we made our way over Westminster bridge I was genuinely shocked at the hive of activity and the amount of people already around, but I was very impressed by the organisation of the entire event.

We got our lunch and snacks and made our way through St James Park where we would be able to enter the grandstand which we had tickets for to watch the London Marathon courtesy of the charity, WellChild, who my wife was running for.

Upon arrival and getting organised for the marathon I was genuinely in a state of shock when I sat down and realised how close I was to the home straight and how close we were to the finishing line. It was my first time at the London Marathon and I think I had won the lottery when it came to tickets!

We were all settled and it was going to be a long to wait to see the wheelchair race finishing closely followed by the women’s race and then we got see Eluid Kipchoga come passed winning the men’s race. One of the twins was desperate to see Mo Farah and she only had to wait a few minutes as he came passed. It was incredible to be so close to these formidable athletes.

As I have said this was the first time that I had attended the London Marathon and to see the action so closely really was very exciting.

There were quite a few moments throughout the day that if I ever doubted the generosity of people and I felt truly humbled by the actions of some of the runners. One particular instance was a female runner who had obviously hit a brick wall a while back. She then went with about 20 metres to go and basically collapsed and started falling and she was heading for the barriers, but before she hit them two runners who plainly didn’t know each other took an arm each and carried and helped her over the line. My faith in human nature was completely restored and yes, there are bad people in the world, but the majority of us are nice people.

So the big question now was what time will the wife come passed us? It was going to be some hours yet, but there was plenty to keep us occupied with lots of runners dressed up and the girls loved spotting different characters.

Finally at around 4.30pm my wife was coming around by Buckingham Palace and heading into the home straight. I had been tracking her, but I knew it was still going to be difficult to spot her, but I did and my wife spotted us after I was screaming her name at the height of my voice! She had done it! She had run 26.2 miles.

We left the grandstand quickly and made our way to the meet and greet area by a large tree where we had arranged to meet up.

Upon meeting my wife I have to confess emotion really got the better of me and I burst into tears. They were very happy tears. My pride and love for her was immense. At that single moment I was in awe of this person that I am lucky enough to be married too!

Her drive, determination, and belief in herself is without question an inspiration to all those around her, but most importantly my wife is the perfect role model to our twin daughters. If they have just 10% of their mums self-belief they will will achieve anything in life. My wife has had some very challenging moments in her life, but has always overcome them. There is something very special about her that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I just know she is one life’s special people.

There are times when I feel I am not worthy of knowing her let alone being married to her and our girls truly have the best mum in the world. If I was no longer here tomorrow I would never fear for our seven year old twin girls because they have a mum that loves them more than life itself and she will always protect them.

My wife had done it. She had completed the London Marathon 2019 and it goes without saying the biggest and best marathon in the world.

Well done honey, I love you so much xxx

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  1. Well Nigel, your emotion and feelings certainly come across! Well done Emily. London does indeed get hectic on Marathon day and you surely got the best seats going! landed on your feet there.

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